Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Updated: Police Join Protestors During Massive Demonstration in Brazil

Police Join Protestors During Massive Demonstration in Brazil
June 19, 2013
The second video below was shared with me this afternoon. The video is of a local Brazilian, sharing the Truth behind why the people are protesting in the media. All the reasons explained on mainstream media is propaganda. Surprise, surprise.
I just want to thank everyone for their patience as I process and recoup from my trip to the desert. I'm working on a post with a bunch of photos and some back story to illustrate some of what we experienced out in the Sahara, so it's taking a bit more time than I had anticipated. I'm finding it very difficult to put into words what you feel in your heart. One thing I will say is that this trip changed me in more ways than I could possibly describe. If even a small dose of what we experienced out there starts bleeding into the rest of humanity...boy oh boy are we all in for a wild ride! To be continued...
In the meantime let this video be a signpost for where we are headed. I predict much more of this defecting amongst the ranks to be occurring in the days and weeks to come. I don't know about you all but I smell a wonderful aroma of great change in the air ;)



  1. Jeez, Brian. What if they gave a World Cup and an an Olympic Games and nobody came? We, the ONE PEOPLE must Boycott both of them! What is worse is that this matter is only the tip of the iceberg for the Brazilians. There is also the monster Belo Monte dam project. It is said that it is to be one of the largest dams in the world. The government is mercilessly displacing thousands of indigenous who have lived in those rainforests and along the rivers for centuries. It is their land. The indigenous are actively protesting the dam and also the oil companies who have been killing them with cancers and destroying their ecosystem for decades with complete impunity. They have not been getting very far with the government. Hitting their government in the wallet is the best way to get their attention to stop these horrors.

  2. bless you for your courage

  3. @aeyrie (and anyone else)...Absolutely agree. Please see my page on facebook "I'm not going to the Soccer World Cup, 2014, in Brazil". I hope to get likes from all around the world and hopefully it will make some media (at least the ones that are not puppet media). I'm from South Africa and the stadiums we built here are white elephants...yet we have the world's highest gini coefficient. Recently the competition tribunal in SA fined about 20 construction companies ZAR1.5billion for colluding on infrastructure project pricing - including the world cup stadiums. I believe that it is very important that people understand that government is serving big business ahead of human values and the common man. This is the revolution. I love you guys in Brazil and Turkey for leading the way. Let's join hands across the globe via social media.


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