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Ascension Rising Conference Nov 1-3: Special Discount for OPAL Tour

Ascension Rising Conference Nov 1-3: Special Discount for OPAL Tour
October 9, 2013

Please see below from Sierra regarding the conference. There will also be a package created for those who are only interested in seeing mine and Bob's workshop, as well as The One People panel with Bob, Lisa and myself. Can't wait to see everyone in Sedona! ~BK

My name is Sierra Neblina. I am the producer of the upcoming Ascension Rising Conference and I would like to share with you my vision of this conference and why it came about. Last year, 2012 brought a great awakening for the people on the planet. People who never knew about Ascension started asking questions and educating themselves about 12-12-12. Many people read content on the internet and soon a collective idea was born about Rapid Ascension. I did not subscribe to this because of the information I was receiving from the Galactics pertaining to the physical aspects of Ascension which I have talked about at length on my radio show. I cautioned people that it is a far more simple and not so clandestine process. Yet, I left open the possibility of rapid ascension as I know that the presence of any group of people, who powerfully create and align on any given intention towards an outcome is powerful and has the potential to create any reality.  

But the day of 12-12-12 passed with no Rapid Ascension and left a lot of people, including the Lightworkers scratching their heads. Most felt very disempowered, disillusioned and were left looking for answers. The fall out after was severe, Lightworkers throughout the beginning of 2013 seemed to give up and I saw a great many of them sit down and say, “I give up on Ascension”. This concerned me greatly. Even with all of the information that is out there, all of the channels and Lightworkers giving all they have, many people still do not have the tools they need to empower themselves in contributing to the collective Ascension process. 

I wondered, what happened? We as a collective have the power to create abundant lives, free from oppression and filled with nothing but joy. What I came to realize is that even though many have awoken, they still do not understand the basics of that statement: abundant, free, joy. I had to confront to what depth we have been tricked into forgetting how powerful we are- that the basics had been left behind in exchange for a more desirable instant outcome that seemed to keep us from taking full responsibility for ourselves and the world around us.

So, I took on this mission to put together this conference and bring to each and every one of you the boiled down basics in a clear and easily digestible way- because Ascension is not as complicated as it seems. I have gathered a tremendous depth of knowledge in the Speakers whom I have brought together for the Ascension Rising Conference. Each one of these Speakers and I have sat and discussed the very specific tools which they will impart to you, the participant. My only requirement is that they deliver these to you in a simple and effective way so that you will fully integrate the necessary information, apply it to your lives and begin the practice of living a truly 'Created Life' where you imagine, create and put into action the life that you want for yourself and for your world.

I am a very practical person. That may seem odd to some of you who know my story, but yes- although I have had fantastic events in my life, it does not exclude me from having the same Human experience which we have all signed up for. I believe in taking what seems like complicated messages from the Galactics, Angles & Channels and putting them into a practical, step by step process whereby allowing people a better understanding of the world around them, which has an effect of empowerment and can ease the overwhelm that many people have experienced when it comes to the topic of Ascension. 

If you have not heard of the Ascension Rising Conference, Nov 1-3 as of yet, all that we ask of people is to come, show up, no matter where you are in your spiritual growth, because all you need to be here is your willingness to experience new things and your desire to elevate yourself. The Ascension Rising Conference is designed to give each and everyone of you the tools to continue to grow and understand the world around you, to know the truth about how powerful you really are and how to harness that power in ways that aid you in your daily life. We are practical and we look for practicle ways to ground down all this 'spirituality' down into reality. We take the mystery out and put in good solid information to assist you in your journey. This is truly where Earth Meets Sky in Education. Here you will feel at home, here you will feel loved and supported and here is waiting for you, your soul family. Will you join us?

I am happy to announce a discounted price in tickets only available through Brian Kelly. The Ascension Rising Conference will donate a percentage of the ticket sales to the OPAL Tour, it is our way to give back to this amazing group that is bringing so much empowerment to the people. This private and exclusive offer is available up until the start of the conference. 3-Day Pass, Special O.P.A.L. Tour Group Price Only:
$249.99 normally $325 (includes Lunch, Tea & Coffee throughout the day, Book Store and GalacticU Mall FREE BONUS- Video of Conference, $25 value (stream available after event)

But hurry, the tickets are going fast! That link is:

Sierra Neblina, founder of GalacticU
Ascension Rising Conference
November 1-3, 2013
Hilton Sedona Resort
Early Bird Special for room reservations in effect until Oct 10th go to:

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  1. Will there be a possibility for those of us who could not physically go to the conference to be able to see a recording of the Live Stream event?


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