Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fix the World: Hope For America Tour

Fix the World: Hope For America Tour
October 1, 2013

What Hope and team Fix the World represent is a collective and pure intent to bring peace and prosperity to this world by way of ferocious and determined Action. It is this kind of action that manifests true and lasting change. With Hope's background, experience, network and wisdom I have no doubt that she and FTW are fully capable of pulling off all of the amazing projects they have in the hopper. And boy oh boy do they have A LOT!

Can't wait to see you and the crew at the end of the month dear friend! ~BK

We are stepping up to do the Job that only WE THE PEOPLE can do to change the real problems on our planet. Announcing the “Fix the World: Hope For America Tour”

When governments in the Middle East start to topple because of a tweet, one begins to understand the power of social media and the power of the people. Never before have we had tools so powerful that a small group with no resources can rally thousands. We now have the ability to take the power of social media and internet relationships to the grassroots level and change our planet!

Many of our systems have been failing to provide us with our basic needs as a people. These systems are outdated, cumbersome and move resources through at a snails pace. Meanwhile, it is the beautiful people of this planet that have the solutions to our problems. They are coming forward one by one, in groups and movements, organizing, planning and collaborating to take it upon themselves to Fix our World. The governments won’t fix our problems, the elite wont fix our problems, it is UP TO US. The power to make real change happens on a massive scale when WE THE PEOPLE commit to take action. It has always been with WE THE PEOPLE. And here is how we can do this.

This is Grassroots on Steroids!

The Fix the World Team just finished touring Australia. Because we were willing to travel and tour and meet with the people in person, countless miracles took place. People with viable solutions came out of the woodwork to our meetings and met each other for the first time, exchanged ideas and started the planning process of implementing these ideas. And like we always say, these are planet changing ideas! New energy devices, cures for disease, and ways to heal the land for our sustainability, all came from this trip and will be realized by the masses in the near future as a result of synchronized efforts.

Surely you can see the importance and excitement that we have with some of these solutions we have found!

And just wait till you see what we have planned for the “Fix the World Hope For America Tour”!

We’ve lined up a full itinerary that includes distributing free energy, Hollywood exposure, sovereignty education for the people and much more!

None of this can happen without the help of the people who want to free this planet. The scope of what we are trying to do to bring this to the people is massive, but we know we can do it. We have the skills, we have the technology, we can rebuild our planet!

Our Plans:

We are activating the platform to get many planet changing projects up and running for the people. We have 60 projects waiting on this, the platform will begin with 10-25 projects ready for funding. This will take about one week and is already in progress NOW.

We plan to tour America to assist in bringing these projects to the people in every way we can. The most effective way is in grassroots meetings. The Australia tour taught us how critical this is.

Part of this exciting itinerary is that we are thrilled to be joining our friends during the first week of the O.P.A.L tour on the road!!!!!

We have already begun the work and the tour, and any donations or help would be greatly appreciated.

To see our plans please view the details on the campaign link here.

Click here to view the Fix the World Hope for America Tour Details http://www.gofundme.com/4jf4mw

Blessings to everyone! We’ll see you all on the Road while we usher in the Golden Age!


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