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Can you Own an Idea? RE: Why I'm not going on OPAL Tour -- by Chase Binnie (Patents hold back Humanity)

Can you Own an Idea? RE: Why I'm not going on OPAL Tour -- by Chase Binnie (Patents hold back Humanity)
October 11, 2013

I thanked Justin for taking the words from my heart and expressing them so eloquently in this post. What a great discussion this has triggered. I'm absolutely loving it, because it is providing such a great opportunity for growth, understanding and awareness. There is no right or wrong answer. All opinions are valid and acceptable. When I first watched Chase's video, I too had to do some serious soul searching. The conclusion I came to couldn't possibly be better expressed than how Justin laid it out below. I love Chase and all the others who agree with his position on this matter, because it boils down to it being a moral issue for them. A desire to do what's "right." The issue there is, "right" will always be held in the eye of the beholder. Living Absent Limits and creating new advanced ways of living is forcing each of us to re-evaluate our views on so many aspects of our lives. The concept of "ownership" has proven to be a biggie. I'm looking forward to laying it all out on the table for all to digest, discern and determine what is in the highest alignment of "their" Truth. There is no wrong answer here. Only varying degrees of perception. We may not all walk away agreeing on this one. But we WILL come out of this expanded and in more ways than I think we can yet fathom. At first I had a lot of resistance to Chase publishing this video. NOW, I realize what a gift it has been. From the bottom of my heart Chase, thank you. No matter what the outcome, I hope we all understand how important it is to not allow this issue to divide us. We are family. We are One. Tolerance is the key. Love is the common thread. Bring on the expansion baby! ~BK

Thank you Chase for sharing your truth. This is needed now more then ever. Chase brings to light some very profound issues. I eluded to them briefly in this post.

Chase addresses something we should not overlook, that Paul has spend many years developing, caring and nurturing this technology and is very upset that it is going to be released without his consent. But there is more to this story then just an upset inventor. This is a moral issue and it is at the core of what it means to be human on earth right now.

The O.P.A.L. Tour Question

The issue here is: Should the O.P.A.L. Tour release technology which the inventor asked not be released because they own the technology. Simple issue yet, profound impacts in consciousness for those who are brave enough to ponder them.

Do Patents help or enslave Humanity?

This is an issue of ownership, and what is 'right'; in the absolute spiritual sense. In the world of man, where man decides by FIAT (noun 1.a formal authorization or proposition; a decree.) what are "law's" there is a technology called a 'patent' which allows for someone to claim ownership of an idea. Let me say that again to make it abundantly clear to you. There is a legal process to allow for people to take ideas, concepts, dreams, systems, living organisms, and document that they OWN them. Now with this patent, they can enforce their ownership over the idea by preventing any other being from using it, unless they get their permission.

Definition of a Patent:

"a government authority or license conferring a right or title for a set period, esp. the sole right to exclude others from making, using, or selling an invention."

They literally become the masters of the technology and all others are but 'users.' A dependency is created whereby the users are now slaves to the master. This is a technological slavery system and it ultimately is used to hold back tech to allow others advantage in the world. Patents ALWAYS LIMIT AND ALWAYS HINDER EXPRESSION. This is their main stated purpose as detailed above. Imagine what would happen to the medical industry if free healing devices were freely available to all? The medical industry will use the patent system to 'protect their interests' and stop at nothing to prevent free medical tech from being widely available.

Lets consider an example of how this system works at large in our world today:

Lets say you develop a new way of growing food that can use existing technology in your house, in a fast and cheep organic way, and want to give that technology away to help humanity. You start talking to your friends and family and your local community. Everyone agrees this is amazing tech and wants to start using it to help their friends and family. After 3 months your technology is in half the homes in your community. One day someone from a big company like G.E. hears about your tech and decides to go see it in action. He visits one of the locations and is given a demonstration, and he tells the demonstrator he wants the plans so he can bring them home and use them in his area. But instead the man from G.E. goes to the patent office and patents the technology you developed. Now in the world of man, you are stealing the tech you originally invented in the first place!

6 months later, your community is raided by the authorities and you are dragged into court and charged with patent infringement for not only using the tech you developed, but also giving it away to people for free. The authorities shut down all your technology and G.E. takes your tech and shelfs it in their vault. This once amazing technology which had the potential to feed billions of people with cheap, organic, easily accessible food is now unavailable.

The above example is EXACTLY HOW THE PATENT SYSTEM is used in our world. Everyone I am sure has heard of Monsanto and GMO foods ravaging the planet and humanity at this time. But do you know what Monsanto did was to patent genetic material taken from family farms and then sue the farmers for using their 'Intellectual Property?' Farmers who had owned their farms and seed stock for generations lost everything; my neighbor here in florida had a family farm and Maine and lost everything because of the very system I just described.

Can you own an idea?

For all those who think using the tech is 'bad' or 'criminal' ask yourself who has the right to own an idea? The ultimate answer according to Natural Law, (the laws which are self evident and omnipresent in creation) state that knowledge is the inherent right of all intelligent life. Therefore, no man, or group of people can RIGHTFULLY claim ownership of an idea.

No matter how many laws we write on paper and no matter how many people you get on your side, owning an idea WILL NEVER BE LAWFUL ACCORDING TO CREATION, THE UNIVERSE OR GOD. I am not stating opinion, this is not a belief I am asking you to consider. I am telling you the facts. I strongly consider you research Natural Law if your confused by these concepts.

What this issue means for YOU, and our new World

The greater issue here is what do YOU think is right, and will you continue to empower a system which is against natural law. I think we can safely say everyone wants to be recognized for their hard work, and Paul's dedication to this technology is amazing. But no matter how much work he has put into this tech IT IS NOT PROPERTY. It is the right of all intelligent life to use knowledge as they see fit. And no other being has the RIGHT to stop them from using it. The universe agrees.

Now on earth, if you asked people on the street what they thought about giving away technology someone had a patent for, they would probably respond by saying "this is breaking the law! The patent owner has ownership!" This reveals the degree to which humanity has lost its way and disconnected from source. Again no matter how many people you get on your side saying it is right to own an idea, it NEVER WILL BE. It maybe socially acceptable to say patents are valid, but in reality they are not, and we are hindering all of humanity by continuing to give energy to these systems of slavery.

The question we all should be asking ourselves is do we want to live in a world that not only goes against universal law (natural law) by trying to prevent others from expressing knowledge, but do we want to be accomplices to this violation? Do we want to live in a world were we continue to go along with limitation, suppression, mob rule, slavery systems, corporate power, etc?

The Choice (All of humanity must make)

It is hard for many to answer this because Paul's feelings and emotions are being effected. Yes releasing this tech will hurt him in that his desire will not be met, but is his desire for the good of all, and is it resonate with Natural Law? And who is ultimately responsible for having an unrealistic desire? The illuminati desire to enslave humanity, will be honor their request too? Does Paul have the RIGHT to claim ownership of an idea, THIS IS THE ULTIMATE MORAL QUESTION EACH OF US MUST WRESTLE WITH.

In My Opinion, I think to continue to support a social system of 'mob rule' where we attempt to break natural law and prevent others from expressing themselves is THE VERY WORLD WE ARE TRYING TO GET AWAY FROM. This issue is MONUMENTAL. Your choice will help create a new chapter for humanity and on earth inaction is choosing to accept the prevailing authority.

Choose to honor Paul's request: to suppress technology, and maintain the systems that enslave humanity. And give power to the patent system which keeps knowledge under the thumb of would-be controllers (all be it well intentioned).

Choose not to honor Paul's request: resonate with Natural Law, send a message to the would-be masters of this world that we are no longer honoring slavery systems and knowledge is free to all and can be used by all as they see fit.

PS - Thank you so much Chase for being brave and sharing your truth. I think creating a space for discussion and discourse, Collective Healing, as I like to call it, is so important in our changing world. This is the inner work that is needed so much now. And I also want to commend you Chase for being brave enough to create a space for loving conflict in a world were so many want to turn away from all conflict. Conflict is what allows un reconciled things to come into oneness. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart <3

- Justin

These are further comments Justin shared in a private conversation on Skype:

Judy: I'm truly loving this conversation, Justin, I can see your understanding so clearly and am also in self discovery mode on this issue. In the video Brian states that "What you are about to see involves no patents" .. How do we reconcile this?

Justin: I saw that too. Given the OPPT filings this is accurate. Plus i think the patent expired anyway. So even in the old paradigm, Paul may not have 'rights' to the tech.

But like we are all considering, its a world changing issue, big steps for big changes. And anyone who is centered around the old way is going to feel a reaction. This is GOOD! Reaction means reconciliation is occurring. The fear based belief systems we create can only be healed by going THREW the fear. You cant avoid it with nice words and apologies. We cant have our cake and eat it too with this one. We can't make everyone happy. Because ultimately WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR OTHER PEOPLES HAPPINESS! I forget who said it on one of the 5d shows but it really stuck with me "I am letting you off the hook for my happiness" thats big issue we seem to forget. People create their own moods by their choices and if people get upset about other people's DOings they have only to look within to change that.

We've got to detox from the addiction of catering to fears. I know when i saw chases video part of me was saying "omg he's right the cops are going to be all over us!!! We did steal Pauls precious baby, is this really right? what am i supporting exactly (i had to do some soul searching big time)"

But as i considered it more, i began to realize that this dependent part of myself, like stockholm syndrome, was trying to make someone else happy, and enable their distractive beliefs and behaviors. its like support a heroin addiction (which was for years btw). The addict will almost ALWAYS fight you when deep in the throws of a bindge. and each of us has been bingeing of fear for so long we don't know anything else. This is the fear within myself i had to go THREW, just like the addiction, you can't avoid it, only heal it. And once i did, i decided what my stance was, I knew i had to share it with the world, which took courage.

And it is courage, which will see us threw this. Courage to do what we know to be right, in the face of so much self created fear. Being brave and stand in our truths, even if it forces others to face their fears (because that is ultimately what we are always doing, you cant disturb other peoples energy, because they create it themselves)

the more and more i see the waves ripple out in creation from this, the more im starting to realize this release of tech has was/is a HUGE catalyst for collective healing. Just love watching it all come together! =) And i hope others can come to realize just how world changing this tour really has the potential to be.

Why I'm not going on OPAL Tour -- by Chase Binnie



  1. 1) The patents are EXPIRED! So NO, that guy does NOT 'own' those patents anymore, therefore 'stealing' them is impossible. 2) If this guy really had the patents for such a long time and DID NOTHING WITH THEM (including sharing them with humanity in ANY form), then why oh why is he screaming bloody murder NOW??? Pure ego, zero love. 3) The 'technology' is being discussed and outlined clearly RIGHT NOW in the 3-day energy conference I posted about on FB ( 4) Nobody is going to blow up a garage with WATER. 5) You can find HUNDREDS of videos on this technology on YouTube -- and I don't see any of those guys getting 'FBI visits'. FEAR NO MORE. LOVE is the ONLY way forward, my friends!!! Besides, ENERGY IS GOD-GIVEN FREE TO ALL BEINGS IN THE UNIVERSE -- so why would ANYONE want to 'restrict' its use and distribution, eh??? I doubt the One People is about limitation, restriction, honoring corrupt mass control systems, economic and energetic slavery, putting 'governments' between us and GOD and NATURE, etc. Think about it.

    1. #1 universal law in the Common Law.....Do no harm to another.... If Paul says no then no one has a right to trespass his desire since his desire does no harm to anyone else. If his request was harmful to others or their property then there would be room for debate. Since Paul's request does no harm to others, the issue is settled, regardless of Paul's intent. We have no right to judge his position. Get over it, move on, find another idea to promote.....there is a universe full of new ideas with many better ideas than Paul's technology. Do better research next time to avoid these kind of future obstacles and egg on the face. The O.P.A.L. crew needs to man up and "be" responsible, "be" accountable and "do" what is required now..... and move on.

    2. I, personally, do NOT subscribe to "intellectual property." Thoughts cannot be corralled nor can they be contained. NO ONE has the right to claim that any thought/idea is their sole property. Good on you, Waverider1!

  2. I AM working on realizing Natural Law in my understanding. Blessings to every One!!!

  3. Chase, you nailed it dead center, one stroke, slam dunk. Absolutely correct. See my response to Waverider1's comment. If this move, of the people of this planet, is going to "be" successful it must never deviate from absolute universal truth. Universal Common Law(TRUTH).....Cause (do) no harm to another or another's property or possessions and be absolutely transparent and accountable for your choices and actions. We can not take anything from Paul without his approval. To do otherwise would be trespassing his will and would be theft, stealing.

  4. Go to - I am sure that guy will work with you. He sells pre-made kits for HHO conversion for a great price, has materials and a forum for inventors and tekkies to share knowledge.

  5. am so pleased that the OPAL tour team are moving back to a position of Honour. For me, there is only one step left to gain closure on this issue, and that is For Brian Kelly to publicly apologize for the harm his behavior has caused Paul. Once this is done, then we can all move forward together as One People, One community in Honour. Here in Australia the First peoples would probably grant Paul the right to stab Brian through the thigh, but I am sure Paul would not resort to such impressive measures as he truly is a gentle-man! and I am proud to call him friend and brother. So if this is One people, One community, then we are all responsible to each other for our behavior.
    For me, this whole issue has nothing to do with patents, or profit or ownership it is simply about being personally responsible and staying in Honour! woof!

    1. No apologies are necessary, in my view, except maybe on the part of Paul and Chase.

  6. Well, brothers and sisters, here's how I see it. Patents or no patents, "authorities" and laws or no "authorities" and laws, and debate over ideas downloaded from the Collective Conscious being free or not is really irrelevant in this instance. The bottom line for me is that Mr. Pantone has strenuously expressed that while he likes the idea of the OPAL tour he does NOT want the tour to take "his" work on the road with it. There it is. Will the tour violate his free will and his personal wishes? In my mind it would be spiritually incorrect to do so. Mr. Pantone's wishes, regardless of whether the tour agrees with them or not, and if they agree he is the "owner" of the technology or the idea or not, should be respected. Period. There are many other similar free energy inventions out there at this very moment. Very likely there are folks who have their inventions ready to show and would dearly love to have the OPAL tour take the product of their time and energy on the road and showcase it. If it is meant to be, the Universe will bring one of them to the OPAL tour so they can work with that person instead. All love and respect to Paul Pantone. Love and blessings to the tour personnel, and to all who will be a part of its energy. May it be a huge success!

  7. Well said waverider1,
    The whole network of patenting things both in Europe and in the US or elsewhere is very costly. Why? Just to keep the little man out of the loop. The large corporations then take the inventions bury them or make buy them off.
    I love Chase's perspective but I don't agree with it.



    1. Agreed, McCroft, except that I "see" Chase's perspective, I do not love it nor do I agree with it.

  8. I looked out front, into my court; I count 13 parked cars. Each one will be pulling out soon- to work, taking the children to school. Each one has gasoline and oil. Can't live in this world without it. A captive system- a system that has ensured humanity remains as a slave, a system that insures that the Bush family and the elites continue to have the finest money can buy. A system that has destroyed IRAQ and seeks to destroy IRAN, SYRIA and any other OIL PRODUCING COUNTRY. Millions of children, families murdered on their homeland for the capture of oil. Millions of American soldiers mamed or killed for the sake of oil. Lives destroyed from PTSD- some suffer so severely it destroys their home life and suicide is the only option. For me- this perceived problem is what will separate those who have truly grasped what living as the Eternal Be'ing they are from those who just wanted to sing, laugh, and have fun. The road we wish to take humanity on will encounter a few walls. I do not see any moral issue with sharing Paul's idea. What is immoral is a man who is keeping an idea, an invention for his own self service because he isn't yet able to see that the end game we wish to reach is where he won't have to worry about money or job anymore. What his actions have done in the past is keep the money and control funneling into the hands of the bankers, oil barons, and the system- the entire system rests on oil. Wars are all set on top of the desire to rape the land for oil. We are slaves to oil! The only moral issue in my book- one person keeping an invention that could set a huge stage for humanities freedom! He doesn't see the bigger picture- in the future, Paul's name could be the one that goes down in history as the man who's idea gave humanity the absolute boost it needed toward LIBERTY! Paul- you are the man with one of the biggest of the keys!! Please see this!

  9. OK, so I am now ready to share my thoughts on this whole situation. I spoke briefly on The Remembering last night with Chase. I wasn't prepared for this, so I think what I said, came directly from my heart.

    I fully support the OPAL tour, it is a wonderful idea. From my perspective, it was inspired by the desire to unite humanity and to spread the feelings of Love and community which we inherently have as humans. Chatting to my husband this morning, a few more things became clear. He is Jamaican and Jamaica is a third world country. There is so much poverty there. I am looking at it as an outsider and he as an insider. I see that the people have been conditioned to fight against each other - they rarely will get together and stand together - they are constantly trying to bring each other down. He confirms this. This is what the PTW want. Divide and conquer. They have done a great job of this everywhere, but particularly in such poor countries, where really, if the people were to unite, everything could really improve. I feel that with this whole situation with the taking the free energy out there on the tour, especially with this latest discussion about whether or not it should go on the tour given that the inventor is not giving his blessing and support, it pulls me back to the original idea and mission of the tour - which is to bring the people together. The discussion is somewhat dividing us, although at the moment it is just a discussion. At the end of all of this, I feel that the original mission is being put beneath the new mission of bringing the free energy. Without the inventor's full support and blessing for that mission, I feel that a large part is missing - the joy of helping the people and the inventor. As others have said, there must be an inventor out there who would give his/her support and blessing and who would be delighted for this opportunity to share their work. Evidently for whatever reason, Paul P is not ready to share his work in this way. I do not understand why he is not, but that is not the point, he is not ready, and we must respect that.

    Let's get back to where this started - working from the heart in Love, honour, integrity and respect for all life.
    Peace n Love to all. <3 <3 <3

  10. The discussion happening here is an essential one! Is bound to come up in the transition period we are in! I want to applaud the level of integrity that is brought to the issue. It becomes an Ubuntu style way of resolving things that matter to us all in shaping our future. I am happy with the inspiring spirit of longing to advance towards a 5D society. It is the way to go.
    I have personal experience of working with a scientist who had free energy patents and experienced suppression on every level imaginable. Not least of which has been the mind-control frequencies that led to a.o. serious nightmares as well as threats on his life, accidents, break-ins, governmental agencies and their freemason(?) bosses doing anything to stop the man from succeeding. I mean everything, but still in such a clever way that it would be hard (though not impossible) to prove.
    And then let’s not forget that many of them could have lived comfortably supporting tptw in their hig-end jobs, but chose to help liberate the planet with their invention, only to lose millions of their own and their investor’s money to be hardly able to pay for their food and housing... not to mention the ones put into psychiatric hospitals... or losing their lives... a pressure that 3Dptw gladly put on everyone surpassing this limiting prison that 3D really has been.
    What this seems to have done to the ones who did not give up, is that that kind of torture has fed their survival instincts to a degree where they seemingly block their original wish to share their gift with the world. The image that comes to mind is of a gentle soul wishing to share, but in response to the vicious attacks ending up building a protective castle around his original gift...
    Would Paul Pantone have any problem once his family and personal wellbeing would be ok receiving his VALUE and being honored for what his invention and perseverence?? I don’t think so.
    If I remember well, he received the idea through a lady channeling the info from the galactics for the world.
    I must also say that Mehran Keshe has been an amazing example of a scientist who HAS given his patents free to EACH and EVERYONE of us...even WHILE under the severe intimidation tactics from tptw. His deeply spiritual take on his purpose must have guided him here and he deserves our respect. Maybe it is an idea for the OPAL tour to share Keshe’s PEACE technology!!

  11. And to add to my previous thoughts:

    I agree that Paul is wrong – why not send his creation out into the world and help humanity AND beloved Mother Earth who has provided everything we have – to help reduce pollution?! Why not? I too do not understand why not.

    For me, this is not the issue. It is the energy that goes out with the distribution of his creation. It does not go out with joy, but with resistance. The creator of this device/invention is resisting its distribution.

    I say, find an inventor who EMBRACES his creation being shared. One who is grateful for this great opportunity. We all talk about energy. Does no one feel the resistance here? Let's get into perfect INFLOWMENT with this idea. Let's find the person who wants to share with LOVE, not someone who is resisting, or leave for now the free energy aspect of the tour and go back to the original idea of bringing humanity into unity.

    Peace n Love to all.

  12. Having read more postings on the thread in your News Room on FB, I came to make this statement:

    So, the solution is simple. The tour takes technology which is sourced from someone who sends it out with Love and appreciation of having been able to source this creation from the quantum collective field! The only reason I have stated any opposition to the proposed technology going out with the OPAL tour is because of the energy that was going to go with it - the resistant energy. Find clean, pure energy to go with the clean energy we all wish to share and use in this world, to clean up our beautiful beloved Mother Earth, and free the air from pollution. The whole thing is simple - solutions are always the most simple ones! Hehe!!

  13. I find myself wondering if Paul is having his head messed with by etheric invisibles to make him stand in the way of this technology getting out there. His thinking seems to be so old paradigm but we're moving on and it's time to share, share, share! Maybe somebody like Andrew Bartzis is qualified to comment on what's going on here?

  14. Paul didnt even invent it. He stumbled upon it and still doesnt know exactly how it works. Stumbling upon something doesnt make him an owner. Same goes for all patent owners.


    Heh Bri,,, sent this to "D", Bob and Lisa,, I'd be interested in your comments,,,Kate of Gaia is here in Canada and making for some big waves,,,, Cheers, Brother Nick

  16. Hi all. I think we must remember intent. What is the intent of the inventor and the invention? The invention may do wonderful things. But in the wrong hands it does nothing or harmful things. If the technology is released and credit due is given to the inventor there should be no issue. But if his intent is control through greed then there is an issue. How much technology exist that we dont know about because patents are used to control things. If the fed called heather tucci and said you cant file and release all the ucc actions because we own that. Would that have changed the oppt filings? I think not. The truth is out there and it belongs to all of us. I believe that we must ensure the truth to the people and try to show understanding to those who havent yet learned to be whole.

  17. I thought Heather said the gov did not have 'rights' to any patents anymore since the UCC filings. So why don't you guys go dig out the technology of Nikki. They've had that work shelved for a century. If Heather and Dee are so knowledgeable about the governments patents then get that work out for the world. It's what he tried to do, so why not fulfill at least one person's wishes. Just leave Paul alone, and go find one of the dozen or so technologies almost the same as his.


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