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A Message from Annie Sunday: News & The OPAL Experience

A Message from Annie Sunday: News & The OPAL Experience
December 6, 2013

I'm so grateful Annie put this post together. It's amazing to hear the Norway experience shared from multiple perspectives. Annie is such a sweet soul. I call her my little sister now because we have that kind of energetic relationship, most likely a result of sharing many past lifetimes together. Thank you for sharing your heart with us Annie, you are an incredible Soul and I Love you dearly <3 - BK

Okay new blog article on the way, lol as I write.

I feel soo good! Why?

Because I just did a meditation that my friend Peter Shelton just talked about in an energy show on blogtalk.

Okay this is what you do:

You breathe out 360* (yes you can breathe from all areas of your body)

Then you actually feel your whole energy field. Beautiful or what? That is actually all you.

After you have done this, you make your stomach/solar plexus area feel really dense,

like an extreme adrenaline feeling in just that area, you set the intent of clearing your energy field,

and then BOOM you expand your energy outwards! You have to try, you will love it.

Soon people you have felt uneased with will clear the air in a harmonious way, and your body will also feel cleaner.

This is true magic guys, and it works! You see when your field is clear,

you actually can go into the zero point energy space where there are no thoughts, just feelings of love.


Makes me smile soo big!

Anyway I have to be honest about one thing, since I am not in the ego mind anymore, I can easily tell you guys that I don't like my teeth, lol! After I took the wisdom teeth,

the whole gang has moved and placed themselves on top of one another, like a gigantic orgie in my mouth, really is that how I want to present myself? God no!

So I really really want these invisible braces for christmas, and I know I am ending up buying them for myself, too expensive to be a gift.

In broad daylight and lamp light I look this pale, but I actually like it.

I guess I have just figured out, true physical beauty does not exist. I mean I have been striving for the perfect appearence for years now,

and to be honest, I'm getting kind of tired trying to match up to everyone. I guess I look okay, and young, but the most important thing is my heart,

because it has opened big time!

A new me!

I went to Oslo to go on a conference led by the Opal people (links and stuff about them at the end of the article)

I get so easily overwhelmed by too many people, and the conference room was crowded.

To be honest I did feel a bit timid at the beginning, but when Brian gave me a hug, that shyness disapeared. He is such a warm and loving person.

I was also introduced to Lisa, and well I suddenly spoke pure british, as I actually tend to do when in public, really weird.

Lisa has something about her, she actually reminds me of a lioness, it is something about the way she just takes the room without even raising her voice.

I have so much respect for her.

I listened to the conference, and I felt like I was watching a movie, my energies were swirling through my body, and it was intense.

The clip from the conference will be in the link at the end.

Actually I did consider not to go, because I had not slept that night, here is what happend.

I was in Moss to meet Peter, and we had such a good time, we did magic at a resturant, I promise you, and what a joyful and funny guy he is!

I felt I had known him all my life, I guess his energy is kind of like that of a dad to me.

The really weird thing was that no one understood what I said, even if I said it in norwegian. See, magick! lol.

It was actually kind of horrible to say goodbye to Peter, kind of like parting from close family. The connection soul family has is actually stronger than "normal earth family".

I love my parents and siblings dearly though. They are good people.

Anyway I went to a spiritual party called Bliss, absolutely non alchohol, and it was fun, but also very awkward and I felt timid again.

When I got back to the Motel (Haraldsheim) I saw some guys down the street, the whistled to me, and I did not really think more about it.

Later that night, about 4 am or something I was sleeping in that cold and unfriendly room, when suddenly I heard someone hammering at the door.

I felt very uncomfortable. It did not stop either, and then I heard many mens voices. They were about 7, and they wanted to have a piece of meat as a nightly activity (me)

Well I called on my helpers, like I pretened I had invisible helpers, which I am now sure I have, and fortunately these nasty guys could not manage to get into my room.

Then I called the police, and then my energy brothers, which are human beings of flesh and bones, and they comforted me, and sent even more protection my way.

I love them so much!

The police showed up quickly and they patrolled the area. Thank you Oslo police, much love, lol.

I was actually prepared to die, and I accepted it. When you know you are eternal, you don`t really fear death anyway.

Well this was the reason I did not want to go to the conference. I was still in shock after the nightly events.

I did go though, because I knew I could not bow down to fear, never! And I am so glad I went.

The word spread quickly and people were so nice towards me. Brian offered me to stay at their place, and so I stayed at Victoria's.

I guess there is some magic in the name Victoria, because I have never met one disrespectful or mean Victoria.

This Victoria is so warm and caring, I am grateful for our friendship.

I actually adore them all, Emma, Yvonne, Sonja, Roger, Jorge, Julia, Alexander, Vera, Christian, Kahtrine, Pascual, Caleb, Brian, Lisa, Bob, Nanakoo.

AMAZING beings, true soul connection. I felt we were one big, loving family.

The Opals makes people connect, and so we did.

We had the best time at Victoria's.

I was supposed to return back home, for a concert the day after, but I felt so intrigued to stay, like my instinct told me to stay,

and I always listen to it, so I stayed.

After some heavenly days some of us went to a cabin.

And that was many hours away by car.

We had to cross a small fjord to get there, and the fresh smell of sea felt divine, loved every second of it!

The cabin was a cosy barn made into well yeah a cabin, with many apartments, and a hobbit loft on top.

You should have seen it!

The next days we were actually doing energy work, like healings, meditations and clearing of negative energies.

We sent this out into the collective, and yes it has made an impact! So happy for that!

We were all so connected, and everyone felt so at home with each other.

I opened up a lot, and I also managed to forgive my past and myself, like I merged with my darkest spark,

and became even more loving afterwards. Because I chose to let it go.

I could never have done that without such a loving soul family. Like I was so absorbed in my own energy that I managed to set my pants on fire with a cigarette and had no pain.

I remember Lisa and Caleb telling about Opal, so passionate, so interesting to listen to, and Nanakoos delicious food.

And the wisdom game.

And when me, Julia and Brian sang Stay

And sweet Pascuals comments, he said I had to trust myself. Such a crystal child.

And when we listened to Emmas recordings

And when Sonja told us how much she had been waiting for this

When Victoria and I had a deep conversation

All of Bobs wisdom, and all of his hugs.

Brians giggles, and also his hugs

when Lisa did a mother earths heart grounding on me

And so much more, too much to type. Words really cannot explain how much I love these people,

but I wouldn`t have been able to love anyone if it hadn`t been for Henry, Michael and Matthew.

Henry has taught me to express myself instead of holding back, and to trust people.

Michael has basically showed me that my uniquenes is a gift.

Matthew has been so encouraging, and uplifting.

I am so grateful for these people.

Back in the now

Today I went into deep zero point meditation. I was gone for 10min, completely gone, like all I can remember was black,

but I actually felt like I had been gone for weeks. It was fun, I am getting better and better at it now.

It feels like you are existing outside of time and space, and you feel free there.

It is so good to be able to do this when you are different, like I can see energies and stuff. I am definitly weird,

but it is okay, all the best people are, hehe. I know how to heal people and I am so grateful for that.

Something out of the ordinary happens to me a lot, and one of these things is that if I am close to revealing something which certain people might not like,

or do something I should not, I hear a loud ringing sound in my head, like on the right side, like a loud beep, and then I get dizzy.

I think it is my instinct or something. Anyway I just felt it really strong now, so I cannot post pictures from the conference myself.

Just from the gathering.

Brian and Caleb enjoying a norwegian meal.


It is such a beautiful view from Victorias house.

Yvonne and Brian having fun, yes we laughed a lot!, haha!:)

Caleb, me, Brian and Yulia 

On our way to the cabin

The cabin

This blog became very long, but I just had to write it, please forgive me,

love Annie,

btw sorry for not having enough pictures, check out Brians blog here ;-) 

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