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SITS on the OPAL Tour (12/07 - 12/09) - The Ascension and Willing Activation - "Do you want to..? YES!"

Darcy's Property, RV's circling the fire pit

SITS on the OPAL Tour (12/07 - 12/09) - The Ascension and Willing Activation - "Do you want to..? YES!"
Dec 12, 2013

All I can is WOW! I've only read the first part of this and I'm hooked! Currently in the RV about to leave the Toys R' US parking lot on our way to the gathering at Lake Norman in North Carolina. Hope that you all can live vicariously through this epic adventure captured in time by the brilliance of the SITS boys! Namaste ~ BK

WORDS, Words, words! I cannot describe the trans-formative experience that it was joining-in the OPAL Tour. The sense of oneness, peace and 'THIS IS IT' that was felt, captured our hearts, minds and souls. Each INBODIMENT was a Gem of wisdom, and palpably enhanced my BEing once accepted from within. Each sharing their unique perspective and life times of experience helped us SO MUCH. Julian, Guthrie and I contributed to this post. Blue text is Julian and Green Text is Guthrie.

Bob's RV, which was breaking down by the time we arrived at Darcy's

There was something special that happened over the weekend. Something that affected EVERYONE, it became clear, and is becoming clear, that the Event of shifting consciousness is unfolding right NOW. We have met at least a dozen people, since leaving for the tour, whom are now totally open to hearing about the Primal nature of our reality and the shift in consciousness taking place for the reconciliation of Earth, and the Universe. Now is the time to be brave and begin the inward work which affects all your DOing without. Tell everyone you see, with an earnest heart, they are perfect fractal representations of the universe. Admonish them to have faith that all of the Universe is working with them to help realize who they truly are. You will be shocked by the result of this as humanity is now ready to hear it.

Darcy's property with Brian and Lisa's RV in the background

Unity Created by Sharing your Deepest Experiences

The sharing of our unique truths and perspectives is a UNIFYING force, and once we embrace this fully, allowing another's wisdom to touch our hearts, the TRUE ascension of the soul begins to unfold. It is within the small moments, the moments of quiet discussion with a friend, a moment of passionate sharing with a skeptic, the moments of healing from allowing another to be in their truth, having faith that in time group unity and reconciliation will occur. These are the moments when the inner work is done. And once the inner BEing changes the DOing follows suit. The inner will always change the outer as a result. The means will always affect the ends.

The Crystal Cottage, Justin on left with Darcy on Right

Julians Journey through Absent Limits

Being an explorer and photographer I have always wanted to embark on a journey that would take me through unknown territory, true discovery both of the exterior and interior worlds. As a child I moved around quite often, once house to the next, once school after another. More so than that, I want/wanted to see the world! Somehow, during my life, I did indeed do much exploration both with my family and on my own.

From California, Massachusetts, New York,  Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Florida, the Netherlands, and the city of Paris I've had plenty exploration, and yet there is so much more to be had. With that being said exploration is something I crave in my life, internally and externally. To narrow the story down a bit, more recently you may know that Justin and I went through an eviction process with the banks and courts earlier in August of this year.

That experience really made us look at what it is that we want, in life and with ourselves. Travel is one of the main experiences on my list, second to growth and expansion of myself. It seems as though the universe heard our call and brought to us those people that we would need to encounter in our lives to help create that experience. I am speaking currently of 
all the individuals from the One People and Guthrie, who has played a key role in our lives recently.

Interestingly enough, Guthrie who had been staying with us and embarking on the Great Work had a change of location, another step on his path, unlawful incarceration. This then opened the door for the experience to travel to Panama City and meet more of the one people, the OPAL tour meet. And for Guthrie, as you discover later, all was perfect for his experiences there allowed many great quantum leaps to occur within.

Part of the work I have in my life can be traced back to struggles with self value, and self acceptance. Unknowingly, at first, this was a key part of my personal experience on this trip. Every individual being is a part of the whole, a puzzle piece to your own inner and outer journey.

Every day of this trip I was being asked by the Universe to stay, being asked to join, being asked "Do you want to...?" my answer being, YES! YES! YES! Yes I do want to stay another day, yes I do want to spend time with you, yes I do want to open up and be me, allow and create that loving space! The healing for me, was the inner work of letting go of all the limits about myself I was holding on to. I am a LIVING INBODIMENT, like all of us consciously aware of the shift, that the OPAL Tour is successfully creating a space for Absent Limits learning. It was a school, so to speak, where I was able to distill and understand personally just want Absent Limits meant, and live it fully even NOW being back home (where the heart is). 

Bob's RV moved to back near fire pit

Fun With Synchronicity and Numerology

Before I continue with the chronology of events, I want to talk about some personal experiences with Synchronicity and Numerology. Julian and I have been seeing the numbers 144, 1144, 744, and iterations of all sorts of double numbers since we began to acknowledge their greater meaning. From a personal and absolute perspective, the universe/source speaks to you through your experience, and when I see numbers like this, it is because the universe is 'underlining' what ever thought or perspective of sharing you are making at the time. The universe will speak to you, if you are willing to consciously listen.

On the way up to Panama City, Julian and I passed exit 404 at 404pm according to our clock in my car, a Scion Xa. The clock in the Scion is 1 hour and 5 minutes fast, which means this synchronicity was, in my perspective, totally a message from the universe. But the connections don't stop there.

In addition, exit 404, on 75 lets out onto CR 236 – High Springs, Lake Butler which is not all that significant, however the previous exit, exit 399 lets out on to US 441 (West Santa Fe Boulevard); revealing significant numbers. Then if that wasn't enough, the following exit – High Springs, Alachua exit, 414 - US 41 / US 441 – High Springs, Lake City was also laden with significant numbers.

Wow. That is 4 connections to the numbers 44, and 144. In and of itself there is a powerful synchronicity there, but the fact they are the numbers we personally see, and have come to understand as a communication from source, was wonderfully profound for us, and created the experience of universal support for our journey, both on the Tour and beyond.

The meaning of the word town name Traxle Florida, was a bit hard to find, but I have a feeling there is something there. The fact that the exit number, which is based on a mile marker is 404 and the routes also connect in this way, to me suggests there is potentially something significant at this exit, and therefore significant.

Find those ant piles and mark them!

Law of Attraction in Action

The campsite we stayed in was St.Andrews, which of course has a significant meaning. Some History:
Saint Andrew’s birthdate and place of birth are unknown. During his lifetime, he became a disciple of John the Baptist, one of the Twelve Apostles, and the first of Christ’s disciples. Saint Andrew and his brother Peter are recorded in the New Testament as having been declared “fishers of men” by Jesus after he asked them to cast their nets. Saint Andrew was crucified circa 70 in Patras, Achaia, Greece.
Fisher of Men is very profound. Red, an amazing soul was discussing a channelled work which was significant to him and his Journey. This work described The Source of the the Creation as a 'fisher of souls' calling up the 'willing' into the fold. Which is EXACTLY what the OPAL Tour has done, it has attracted or fished out of the WILLING masses, those souls who are ready to be the change they want to see in the world. Those willing to BE themselves, Absent Limits!

Julian placed a phone call to the camp site asking them what the process for reserving a place was. They informed him we would not be able to enter the site at the hour we would arrive. Julian and I assumed we were meant to stay else where and did not let this hinder our experience. Moments later, Brian Kelly, sends me a message informing us that he has reserved a spot for us and we need not worry about having to find accommodations. Talk about Manifestation!

Rico!! In the Captain's chair of Bob's

Camp Site Connections
Pineal Gland (left) Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine spiraling up to meet in the Chemical Wedding, which Activates the NeoCortex and Opens the Third Eye (right)

The section of the camp site we were staying in was, Pine Grove. This we acknowledged was another message indicating that the Pine, or Pineal gland was being activated with our work. We living in Pinellas County as well, in Saint Petersburg Florida. Pine referring to Pineal and St. Peter being the gateway to heaven. In other words, the planners of this area knew EXACTLY what they were doing when naming these places this way, for the Pineal gland, one activated, literally is the gateway to the heavens or your higher self.

Pinellas County, housing Saint Petersburg
The trailer site which Lisa and Brian were staying in was #122. I have come to understand this number signifies the Universe agreeing with what ever internal realization I have made about my outward work. And this is exemplified by the OPAL Journey and all the thoughts of Sharing which Creates Unity. Which is literally helping all those who are willing to start embracing themselves Absent Limits. This is a connection to Julian and I's personal experience because we kept seeing these numbers pop up everywhere before, during and after the weekend.

Justin and Julian with Brian and Bob in front of Crystal Cottage

Julian and Justin with Lisa and Brian

Meeting the Crew

There were SO many amazing souls we encountered through out our time there. For anyone I forget to mention, or who's names I don't remember, ensure you are loved beyond measure, and your contribution to the tour, the Event and my personal experience was unparalleled, truly. It could not have been what it was without everyone involved.

When we arrived at Unity Church of Panama City, we saw Judy Jandora, of the In-Joy show. We instantly recognized each other and her warm passionate energy flowed through all the interactions. It was highly emotionally charged re-membering, not just with Judy, but with everyone we met. Lisa was right behind her, with an equally amazing meeting, and she also recognized us with a bountiful excitement.

Upon entering the Unity Church we meet many other wonderful souls, and finally see Brian Kelly and Bob Wright enjoying the wonderful bounty prepared. Brian see's Julian and I, and says to us "hey where are your invitations, you weren't invited!" We all have a laugh, and embrace each other. Finally, we go and meet Bob. Bob has such a majestic way about him, that Julian and I fell in love with.

There is such a powerful sense of genuineness with everyone who is there. I got no hints of anything other then the purest love, and Joy.

There were many who shared that they were very happy to encounter our blog and all the sharings we had done since creating it. Hearing how deeply we had effected the life's of others through our truth and perspective brought tears to my eyes. Even now as I write this, I am overwhelmed with the connections made. Many also shared their own truths and passions in relation to our work, and each sharing completely enriched the truths which I and Julian have come to know within. It has been invaluable to meet everyone in density.

What a gathering of Willing Souls that have come together. They each contributed to the space we all were creating. And it did not feel transitory, or fleeting. It felt like our ENTIRE LIFES WORK was coming into fruition and each INbodiment was DOing in a grand harmony. There are no accidents!

Red Truck Boarding Darcy's Property

Bob, the Water bottle and a story of Co-Creation

Bob Wright possesses a keen wisdom and insight. He has acquired through his life's work, the ability to consciously affect physical matter via an intimate connection with the consciousness of objects, something we can all achieve. During our initial meeting, we were sharing passions and Bob was driven to show us something. I did not know at first what it was. He simply asked for an empty water bottle.

Upon finding a water bottle, we moved the table cloth away from the table the 3 of us where sharing together. He placed his hand over the bottle, had a moment of quiet and then held his hand 2 to 3 inches above the bottle, as if he was cupping it. Then he began to gently move his hand above the bottle as if thing thredules of consciousness were being extended into the bottle. Within seconds, the bottle began to rock back and forth in unison with the motion of Bob's hand. The motion reminded me of a breathing action. We were blown away!

Julian and I have long come to understand the true nature of our reality (consciousness) but to see a symbolic representation of that connection and nature, made manifest before our eyes made it 'real' in a sensational way. I knew that the action at work was Co-Creation. Bob was not forcing the bottle to move under his controlling will, he was offering it the opportunity to co-create. When Bob described what was happening, he said "I am asking the bottle to dance with me." Hearing that, I nearly jumped out of my chair, because I know the universe has a bias towards co-creation vs manipulation; wizardry vs sorcery. This is a powerful allegory for our paths on earth. In order to manipulate, it requires much greater intuitive intelligence and technical knowledge. In law of one terms, Service to Self Polarity requires 95% Service to Self and only 5% Service of others, whereas Service to Others Polarity is 51% Service to Self and 49% Service to Others. The point is the universe makes it EASIER to co-create then manipulate.

By this time we had a group of on lookers contributing to the awe of the moment. At which time, Bob says "now your turn." I knew I could do this, but of course all my programing from the past presented itself for transmutation. I felt doubt that I could do it, and a bit anxious that I may not be able to perform. Despite this, I reached my hand out, and formed a bond with the bottle. "Will you dance with me" I asked it. After a moment I began to pull my hand in the same breathing motion Bob had demonstrated. I was amazed to FEEL this magnetic connection between myself and the bottle intermingled. I could literally sense the physical pulling on my fingers as I began the dance. Although I did not achieve a harmony with enough drive to create a large motion, the bottle jerked several times. This was all I needed to develop a deep intrinsic KNOWING of the co-creative experience I was apart of.

Then it was Julians turn. As I sat down I immediately began to connect with the bottle, Bob suggested to rub my hands together, with doing this I could feel the heat, the energy, coming out of my hands. With some instruction I began to speak to the bottle allowing it to do as it wished but offering it to join me with a co-creation. At first there was no movement, but then, all of a sudden the bottle moved. It swayed on the table to one side then returned to its previous place. Though at that time the bottle only moved slightly it was enough for me to experience our interconnectedness, wow! I was blown away, again!

Justin and Brian gathering wood with Bob's RV in the background

The 144,000 'bad asses' and the Plan made in Dream time

Later on we were discussing with Bob the concept of the 144,000 described in many works. This being the brightest and loving souls of all creation, the 'bad asses.' This Group decided it would come to the darkest of places, and bring their light to shine out and uplift all those who heard the call, and even those who deny it. Bob got a message, from within, saying each of the souls in this group were of the 144,000 and those who have been following and DOing, in their own way, what the OPAL Tour represents; activated souls taking ACTION to transform and heal the whole. And in doing so dissolve your self created limits.

We leave Unity Church and make our way to the camp site, where we gather in Bob's trailer with Lisa, Brian and many other wonderful BEings. While gathered there, he asks us what we think the final act will be like "what does your intuition tell you." Each of us share our insights. Red described the shift of the Sun in color that occurred last year on 12/21/12 and I shared my contention that the 2012 date was an activation point, and that because there was not 'a flash of ascension' the way most of us expected, it gave us all a chance to realize WE are going bring about this shift for humanity with boots on the ground Action in the physical. Everyone discussed at length how grounding the higher into the physical seemed to play a big part in the whole event.

At this time Bob said "you remember this right? We all agreed to be here right now at this time. We decided exactly what the 'plan was' and we are making it real right now... but what was it? We all met in our dreams and made this plan, who remembers what it was?" This clearly captivated all involved. I encourage you all to ask yourselves that same question. And we all stole a quiet moment to ourselves for inner reflection. An answer was not reached then but, I personally felt a deja vu experience the entire time. We HAD done this before, and my intuition was telling me as much. Lisa and Bob use a pendulum to answer some personal questions about the whole experience, which she shared on the One People show on Dec 9th 2013.

More on the 144,000:
Bashar 144000 Critical Mass - As you get closer to the light, your darkness is revealed to you (for healing)

Message in the Mirror

The next morning, after waking up, Julian and I go to the RV facilities to shower. Upon returning to the RV with Lisa and Brian, she is walking towards are car, dawning a towel on the head from taking her shower. "Strange question boys... Did you guys leave a message to each other in the bathroom mirror?" We told Lisa that we had not left any messages in the mirror. She said that in the mirror, after taking her shower, there was a message written, in thin almost perfect script or font. It did not look like a finger had smudged the message in, it appeared to be painted on with an eraser from a pencil; it was that thin. The message read as follows:
"Do you want to..."
When Lisa got out of the shower, only half the mirror was fogged up. We tried to use steam from some hot water and fog up the mirror, but we were not able to show the other words. Regardless, I did get to personally witness the lettering in mirror, and it was very thin. It did not look like a finger at all, very mechanical writing. We had no idea what this meant at all. When Brian came back he confirmed that he had not written on the mirror either. We didn't fully grasp what this meant, but we all agreed it was something significant. Maybe the missing word was "Play?" Or was that the message "Do you want to..." leaving us to fill that in, will the answer to our question be yes or no? What will WE decide it to be. As YOU choose, love <3.

Energetic Trail leading toward the Activated Sun

The Energetic Trail will Blaze like Lights on a Runway

We make our way over to the trailer with Bob, and Bob and is on call with Heather and others discussing something profound. We didn't really know what it was yet, but we could feel the energy. During the call, Heather mentioned how the energetic trail will be like lights on a runway, shining to show your the path so brightly it will be blinding. And that Morocco is Calling all who feel the drive to go.

After the call, there was some discussion about what this means for not just the OPAL tour, but all of humanity. 

My personal view is that, just like last Morocco meeting, there will be strong energetic work being done. My intuition is telling me that something more then a quiet meeting is happening there, and that what ever this Event going to be, will blossom from the space created from our collective intent and action. This space is not physically in Morocco, it is being created in the consciousness of all those willing to swing into focus the truth.

For Julian and I, our path seems to be blazing brightly toward Morocco or wherever the work is being done. There are cycles which are coming to a close in our lives, leases and jobs coming to an end, discussions of traveling and starting a new phase and intensity of work passionately being discussed. We have been working all of our lives and acquiring wisdom which is all swinging into focus now that we only have to make an intent, and the universe clearly manifests the intent into reality. We have only to follow our inner guidance and act accordingly!

The Urantia Connection 

Lisa, Brian and I make our way over to Publix, a Florida chain of grocery stores, to get some subs and address a brake issue with Bob's RV. Upon returning with the sandwiches, we dine in the RV with Julian, Lisa and Brian, and start discussing The Urantia book. This book for me was instrumental in my awakening. Before I found it, I was just starting to comprehend what The Creator and Source really were. I had always been a Devout Atheist and skeptic up until 2010. But after discovering how much our would-be masters hide this aspect of our experience from us, I knew I had to investigate further. If they didn't want me to know about it, then I would look into it.

What's fascinating is when I first read the Press Release from the OPPT last year, it felt like the principles and articulation style was almost EXACTLY the same as those in-bodied in the Urantia Book. As such, I was immediately intrigued by all of the OPPT works and I was not disappointed. I definitely got the impression that the core concepts promulgated by the Urantia book were encapsulated well by the trustee's in all of the works of the former OPPT, and all of Heather's writings since that time.

I think the Urantia book was probably filtered by our would-be masters, and the version we have is more of a re-edit passed through the Powers that Were, then the raw work channeled to earth. That being said, it is still an absolutely amazing work, and I admonish anyone to investigate it if they feel so drawn.

Darcy Meditation and Vera's Frequency Presentation

(this is the Video of the Mediation, Introduction by the OPAL crew and Veras Presentation)

After arriving at the Unity church on Saturday, we helped set up the room, and Darcy took us on a wonderful sining bowl meditation. Volunteers were helping resonate the room by moving about with crystal bowls in hand. My experience was of oneness and love. The analog nature of the sound will always cause a healing effect within, especially if you receive that data fully and expand it into your consciousness. Unlike Digital Sound which does not have the harmonic qualities necessary.

Vera began her presentation shortly afterward, it was a powerful reminder to acknowledge the creative power we all have. Food is a touchy subject with many, and some feel we can bless food to dispel any negative effects the food may offer us. While I know this is true, the universe does not want you to continue to indulge things that do not serve you either, and transmuting poison is not the only purpose of you being here, especially if it is an addiction.

Vera has a deep understanding of how our consciousness interacts with the physical word, and the frequency of our bodies. If we are constantly injecting lower frequencies into ourselves, regardless of what we think we can do as far as transmutation, eventually your total body frequency will drop, and disease sets in. For more on the device she speaks of go here

During the presentation she talks about the healing power of not only the device, but the practice of being conscious of the frequency of foods, and the use of oils, herbs and methods of Kinesthesiology. She spoke of her cat that was in serious health decline, and the healing she was able to affect with these techniques; I was powerfully moved by that, remembering my own companions and an aliment they had to deal with.

Caprice - one of our 4 cats that had a damaged claw at one point

Creations by Judy Jandora

During the dinner break, Julian and I sat with Judy and she spoke of her artwork. Judy told us of her intuitive style of painting, which she employ's to produce a myriad of wonderful, inspiring works. She has done Murals of all types. Here is one of her beautiful pieces.

Mural Work by Judy

Judy also produces Adornments and Jewelry which is breath taking. She has a method whereby she Re-Members the pieces from things she feels drawn to. In other words the pieces she finds in her searching, call to her, and she then brings them together, or RE-members them into a piece; a re-union. All of her work has a timeless feel, and you can sense the passion of her life's energy infusing each piece.

Jewelry creations by Judy

OPAL Panel Discussion with Sasha Stone and Mel Ve

The call with Sasha Stone and Mel Ve starts and there is a palpable change in consciousness as we all are taken on a journey of imagination, watching Sacha's New Project Earth Video. It creates the space for coming together, acknowledging our collective, UNIFED, desires for our world, and creating a space for sharing and inspiration to help make this vision a reality. WE are done waiting. Listen to the discussion below.

(this is the Discussion Panel with Sasha Stone and Mel Ve)

From the conference at Unity Church (yellow hats symbolic of activated consciousness?)

The Calling: Unity

One of the most inspiring and poignant aspects of the whole OPAL Tour is Unity. Unity is, and has always been, a first things first concept. A key understanding, and perspective to maintain in your heart and mind during this transition is UNITY. We are all profoundly connected at a fundamental level, being unified by a great many things. Materially, we all need food, water and a place to house ourselves. Spiritually we all desire a space to grown and come into ourselves with a fullness and repleteness which allows us to find our true purpose in the life we chose to live on Earth.

If we spend a little time, every day, bringing these concepts into our Heart space and contemplating them with our Mind we will be doing the inner work to BE the change we want to see in the world. For this shift is changing one heart at at time, one mind at at time, one soul at a time. It is being done via boots on the ground or by heart to heart communications. The time for being sheltered in our homes, and sequestered in our lives is coming to an end; and are the limitations of the old way. The universe is ready for you to step into yourself, and lend all of the work which you have been doing all of your life to the table. Because we are the ones we have been waiting for, and we are done waiting!

Ask a Question and Share a Truth

Many wonderful questions and sharings from the Audience, each creating a space for wisdom from both sides to be gained. Everyone had key truth to bring to the table, and it allowed me to underscore this new phase of the work; action. One person asked "what can I do, in the 'real world' to help things move along" The panel's response was wonderful. Empower yourself by doing the inner work. This is not only the most impactful thing you can do, but the most easily accessible thing you can do. De-program your mind and heart of what no longer serves you and is not your highest and greatest excitement.

Another question was related to how you share your truth with out seeming crazy. Bob's ever poignant perspective shined through. "When you embrace yourself, with the inner perspective and BE that joy, everyone around you will want to know what your doing, and how they can get some!" 

I can personally vouch for this. Sharing of yourself, freely and with love, will always create a space for Unity. The deeper and more personal, the greater and warmer the space. Now the person may not come around immediately, but eventually they will come around. And it is reaching exponential levels of late. I have had friends whom I have shared many things over months of time with, and they are all beginning to wake up right NOW. Keep up the Good work of sharing your truth!

Panoramic of RV's around the fire pit at sunset

Darcy's and the Bon Fire

The next day we go to Darcy's for a Bon Fire and gathering. Darcy is an absolutely amazing soul. She has 2 houses on her property. The one toward the back is a meditation facility filled with Crystals, Cards for Readings, Massage Tables, Healing Machines, Pyramids large enough to sit in, etc. What an amazing space for heart to heart, mind to mind in density contact! Brian went in the pyramid and had a wonderful experience that he shared with us. 

The whole group helps to set up the space for the evenings festivities. Brian and I setup the Bon Fire area, and I am marking Fire ant hills. We arrange the RV's in a circle around the fire pit and gather in the House to await the arrival of the rest of the Tour.

Photos From That Day

 Lisa and Darius Helping Prep 

Brian and Justin Prepping For The Fire

Ouch, Brian got bit by fire ants!

Breaking down the old to make way for the New!


Discussion on Relationships with Bob, Justin and Julian

Bob, Julian and I discussed sexuality, love and deep conceptual truths with Brian and others; sharing their experiences in relationships. We were discussing how relationships on Earth are heavily manipulated. We are born into this world and immediately are being offered identities and archetypes which mold us ,as we choose, into who we are, especially with regard to sexuality and expression of love. The idea of 'sacrificing' for love is one of the programs that helps maintain the co-dependent nature of most relationships. Whether 'Gay', 'Straight' or any other label used to describe sexuality the reality IS we are all one, and every relationship is one of Self with Self. We are all mirrors of each other and for each other.

Julian and I have a very loving and open relationship. We are totally open to allowing the other person what ever they need to be happy within themselves. It is a relationship of personal growth and mutual allowance. And we are always challenging ourselves to expand this, by recognizing codependencies we may be feeding into and choosing to cleanse ourselves from those behaviors by changing ourselves from within, instead of demanding sacrifices form each other. If there is an insecurity we might be paying energy into, empowering each other to over come the insecurity is our goal, instead of maintaining it by forcing the other person to hold themselves back. 

We discussed the concept of relationships which is made light of in the Conversations with God Series by Neil Donald Walsh. In the book, it is revealed that on highly evolved worlds, relationships are rarely monogamous, and there is a total allowance, such that the relationship is Absent Limits. This is because each soul wants to realize its full potential, and monogamy is far too limiting. It also places an unrealizable pressure on your partner to be EVERYTHING for them, which is impossible to give, and will always create disappointment in some way. We are infinite beings in an infinite universe.

by Alex Gray

Many of us feel that it is not respectful to experience relations with other people while still maintaining a deep soul relationship with your partner. But not only is it possible, it is one of the most freeing and satisfying relationship modalities we can embrace. Every new data stream, or person loved by your partner, enriches and increases the potency of the bond formed. It doesn't mean orgies all the time, it means allowing your partner to experience the appreciation of another aspect of Self, and knowing that this does not in any way taint the bond you have. Monogamy is a concept which is almost always rooted in fear, however, and that fear comes from an insecurity within; feeling as though you do not have enough value or worth. Once you heal those insecurities, the true breath and beauty of a non-monogamous relationship can be appreciated. 

Sexuality is about experiencing and sharing your self with other self, a sharing of Energy. I refer to this type of relationship as Auto-Sexual. Pansexuality could also work, but what the term Auto-sexuality highlights, is the oneness of all things and the acknowledgement of the PRIME reality; ONENESS. If we TRULY reconcile the idea that we are ONE, then regardless of whether your masturbating, or making love with your other aspect of Self, you are always sharing energy with your self. Auto-sexuality is the sexuality of the SELF or the I AM, a sharing of BEing by DOing always seeking to be absent limits, and embrace that perspective.

Before we discussed this, Bob shared his amazing story's about his days as a Jehovah's Witness, and the awakening he had when he proved to the whole of the organization that homosexuality was absolutely accepted within the written works of the Bible. Despite the Truth of his discovery, the organization severed their connections to him. Bob had a profound realization, as he was under the impression they were interested in the truth, and would change accordingly. But what he realized, as so many are doing now, is "by their deeds you shall know them." Or in other words, if something claims to be of Prime Truth and goodness, but manipulates instead of co-creates, then you know this thing is no longer serving you, or humanity.

It's time to change EVERYTHING, that no longer serves us; stop accepting half truths, and watered down ideals. 

Michael Monk

Michael Monk, The Avatar Energy Master and Understanding the connection between the Body, Mind and Spirit

Michael Monk, whom had arrived earlier, was demonstrating some amazing sensory over lapping techniques and experiences in a small circle near a Pine tree. **This was proof of concept for me, so to speak, for the post Emotional Guidance Scale (Explained in detail) How to be guided by your emotions, instead of controlled by them. By Justin.***(include exceprt from the highest level of emotional) Michael so eloquently stated that our 5 senses are the first layer or interface we have with our spiritual or energetic selves. Sensory Overlap, as he calls it, is the ability to tap into the Omniscient abilities we have by accessing the Absolute Data stream using the Prime tool of Consciousness. Our physical bodies are absolutely a part of our whole experience, and we must honor them in order to reach full expression.

The whole of Eternal Essences Universe is Primarily composed of consciousness. Everything else is a dis-torsion of that consciousness. Space and Time are distortions of the prime reality of consciousness, and this is why Remote Viewing, Clairvoyance, Psychic abilities, Telepathy, Teleportation are all BUILT IN to the our BEing. This is the HUMAN TECH which we have all been granted in life, as sovereign aspects of Source. And our experience in Density, or within the body, on the ground, on Earth is an integral part of grounding the spiritual into the material. This is part of our purpose within density. And why we can not escape what must be done, because we choose to be here to do it!

Within your experience is all the data you need to be omniscient. Your consciousness, as Michael aptly states, is housed within the body, and your skin is the boundary condition. We normally hold it within the body, however we can easily shift our center and expand it outwardly. This allows us to experience ourselves literally within other material bodies or geometries; the standing waves of consciousness which our housed within the material realms.

Visualization of Consciousness center shifting to another location, art by Alex Gray

Michael describes a technique of entering a meditative state, using your breath to the focus of your self, on your center and then move your consciousness into other objects, places and Data streams. You can also use this technique to access data about things using one or all of your senses as an interface.

For example, close your eyes and breath deeply exhaling and inhaling fully. After you are grounded, imagine your consciousness leaking out of your feet penetrating the Earth deeply. And as you begin to feel this happen, also imagine that your center is falling into the earth, and with each breath you are going deeper and deeper. When I tried this, I knew it was working because I began to feel dizzy and a disassociation with my body. It literally felt like my body wasn't there anymore and my consciousness was filling another space; because it was.

I had an experience of connecting with a Pine Tree (again symbolically representing reconnecting with my Pineal Gland, the seat of the soul, and my higher self). This completely removed one of my deeply rooted childhood fears and experiences. When I was young I had many experiences where my consciousness would disassociate from my body, and it scared the hell out of me. Now I realize that I have always had this innate ability! Talk about removing limits.

Michael was showing a woman how to use here hand to perceive the sensation of touching the tree as an interface to smell the tree. It took her several minutes but I witnessed her physical reaction to the smell when it came into her focus. He said when you have this down, you can experience a much stronger smell then you would normally get pressing your face into the trunk of the tree. That is how powerful the PRIME reality is once we open to it and begin actively using our minds and hearts. 

Bob Wright and the Story of the Universe ♬ 

After the fire gets started, and we gather on blankets to look up at the stars, Bob begins to tell the story of the Universe (U n I verse, You and I Verse, or the collective harmony we all co-create together/ Uni - One verse). 
"The Universe has only to any question one answer and that answer is... YES! When you say no, the universe responds with... YES! When you say yes, the universe responds with... YES! yes...Yes...YES!! Always YES! Can I have a beer? Yes! Can we make love? Yes! Can I hate my mother? Yes! Always yes, yes, yes! And now that we know what the answer is, what is the question?
What do you Desire? [I could not help but think of the question in the mirror from the previous day, 'Do you want to...?]
Now, Universe wanted to know itself and express it self perfectly, wholly and completely, but the Male side, logical and rational was all about rules, order and precision. The Female side inspirational and generative was all about creativity, love and intuition. After much debate, and discussion they came into balance to create their highest and greatest excitement, a fractal representation of perfection; the Uni-verse. 
The product of this divine union of Masculine and Feminine was music of course. Music is mathematical, precise and intellectual, while at the same time being an expression of love, creativity and freedom. This is a unification of the all and a dance of oneness."

Visualization of Consciousness Center Shifted out, but still connected

UFO came to Play - Honoring Unity

As Bob was sharing stories of loving relationships, some of us began to notice a star slowly moving across the sky line. Starting in on half of the horizon and moving across the sky, it danced a trail of soft light and took on an Organic feel. Bob said "if you are a real, please change color for us" and behold, it changed from yellowish to blueish in that instant of the asking. There was about 12 of us gathered at this point totally fixed on the star like light in the heavens. 

This was my first UFO experience and I remembered what Steven Greer had said during his contact work, if you see a UFO, ask them to reveal their true nature, by sending you a message. And within seconds of me holding that intention and thought in my mind, I began to feel waves of joy, bliss and greetings. Just after this emotional climax came to a head, the UFO began to slowly fade away into a deep reddish light, and the whole crowd sent out an huge way of excitement. Everyone in unison cried 'ooohhhhhh...ahhhhh!!!!' people were hugging, I was crying, it was a huge confirmation. For Julian and I, this was herald of life transformation which which would be harmonized again later in our journey.

Ascension Offered and Activated

I felt like this was a sign, from our space family and the universe, that this Journey for all of humanity was about to unfold in a much grander way the any of us envisioned. As I said earlier, this was an activation or ascension that came through. If you were conscious of it then you had an amazing experience of oneness and enrichment, if you were rejecting the energies, you were probably stressed out and had a bad time the weekend of 12/08 to 12/10. This was confirmed for Julian and I when we got back and reunited with our Dear friend Guthrie. His story and what happened to him in court completely proves in my mind that the Powers that Were have been asking for forgiveness and are ready to co-create with all of us. Do you want to?

We are each the ONLY ones who can be US

Bob shared another amazing truth with us, in his incredibly associateable way. He has such a grasp of articulation so that even a child can understand the deep truths which we all are trying to grasp in this moment of Now.

Julian was told he is the only one who can be him, and it was applicable for all of us. Bob shared with Julian, that all the other versions of him that have come before have failed, so that Julian could be that perfect fractal representation of the universe. And of course even though he was speaking to Julian directly, he was addressing ALL of us.

As we all sat under the stars surrounding the campfire, and especially after experiencing the "UFO" I felt as if the Universe itself was speaking through to all of us in all our interactions and conversations.

Expressing by the Fire and Sharing of Truths

Lisa and others joined by the fire to create a wonderful musical experience. I had no idea how well Lisa could play the drums, and her energy and DOing helped others to sing, dance and express themselves, a true unification of souls and collective sharing experience. This for me highlighted the Great Work in action, and how the small moments of sharing, create spaces for others which dismantles barriers and limitations.

Absent Limits is the theme of this Tour as well as Unity. This was CONSTANTLY demonstrated at every level. If there was a score card for how many inner limitations each INBODIMENT was able to dispel, the numbers would be in the Billions, I have no doubt. From an Absolute Plan perspective the OPAL Tour, was and IS a huge and monumental success. Truly a living example of how EVERYONE is INpowered to change the world, in their own sphere of influence and action. The ascension is happening for all those willing to embrace this reality; the willing. 

Many were sharing their amazing stories. One BEing was telling her friend, whom had not heard of the 5d Media Network or the work of the former OPPT. She and her husband had found out about this information from Max Igan earlier this year. They would gather round the computer and listen to the shows, and all whom were on them, became family. When she was telling this story, the full breadth of what the the 5d Media Network is DOing and done set in. They have co-created, with all of us, the loving space needed so that ALL INBODIMENTS may experience the true sensation of Absent Limits. And as each INBODIMENT is re-membering themselves, we shine their light so brightly for all of our sleeping brothers and sisters to see.

Brian Kelly and the Smores

We all came together in Bob's RV and shared stories and our experiences. Brian, Julian, Lisa, Bob, myself, and several others gathered and Red came up and asked us what we needed, if anything. Lisa so aptly corrected him by saying "I have no needs, only desires" which sent a riot of elation through us. Brian expressed his DESIRE for Smores and Red offered to bring some back. Red, by the way, was a wonderful giving soul, always willing to co-create and service his fellow souls; an amazing sharing and example of Absent Limits actualized into the world.

Red returns and hands Brian all the ingredients for Smores to Brian, in an uncooked state. The Irony of Brian having all the ingredients for Smores, but not the finished product, was hilarious. Which I think is a fantastic allegorical story for ACTION being used to create the world you want to see, in this case a Smore. As a result, Brian uses his caring (the divine feminine) coupled with his intellect (the divine masculine) to create what he wants. He decides he would use a Stove lighter to make 'red neck' Smores as someone names them. 

And of course, Brian's innate mastery of Self, is exemplified in a perfect Smore creation; to which Bob so beautifully confirms by eating every morsel. Bob suggests he try and make a peanut butter Smore and Brian's delight is evidence it was everything Bob promised it would be; delicious! 

Until Next Time

The next day we helped tidy up Darcy's place, and begin to say our 'until next times.' I loved being able to express our love physically with hugging and a sense of Absent Limits warmth between all of us. It was hard to leave the physical space of people only because I was still attached to the old concept of relationships and friendship. We are absent limits and the bond I consciously energize with my focus knows not the limitations of Time or Space.

After leaving, Julian and I begin to have powerful synchronistic experiences. My face was physically hurting from laughing and smiling so much. Such a good feeling. We were discussing all the amazing people we met, and all the great work that was done, and how much more inspired and driven we were to up-step our work to be an even grander source for change. The push for Morocco seemed to be filling our minds and we discussed many of the synchronistic and energetic signs letting us know where our highest excitement truly lies. 

Beginning of the New Phase of Work

What follows is the powerful synchronistic happenings confirming the Cosmic Activation, the mini ascension which occurred this weekend, and how our new partner in awakening re-membered himself back into our lives physically. This highlights how much the Absolute Plan is swinging into focus for those who are willing to see the reality of what IS unfolding all around them.

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On 12/09/2013, the day Julian and I return home from the OPAL tour, we discuss what the "call" means for us. Synchronistically, our lease in the present apartment is ending on 1/31/14, which is Guthrie's birthday. Julian's Job is also ending on 1/11/14, and these cycles of our lives are ending as this energetic trail is being laid for Morocco. This was highlighted so amazingly on the One People show that night when Brian Kelly, without any prior knowledge said, "so you guys were talking about going to Morocco the whole time on the drive weren't you."

We were flabbergasted, everything seemed to be asking us this question... Do you want to...? We feel such a new infusion of energy and awareness as a result of our experiences and it answers so many questions we had about the next phase of our life, which we were debating long before the OPAL Tour was even suggested. 

Julian and I discuss the possibilities and potentials on our ride home, and the entire time we are filled with excitement and joy considering the idea. When we would think of the alternative, getting an apartment here in Florida, getting jobs at various places to 'make ends meet' so we can 'earn our living' the idea seems total inconsistent with this sense of joy and flow we feel about Morocco. 

Compassion is the Way to Remove Obstacles 

On our way back from getting lunch, we see the a Restaurant sign which says "Guthrie's Restaurant" which is one of the many subtle messages we were receiving in greater degrees of intensity. This will become more significant later.

Guthrie has been INSTRUMENTAL to the revivification of Julian and I's discovery of the truth, ourselves and our mutual place in it. We met in late August of this year, as he was our upstairs neighbor in our new apartment in Saint Petersburg. We have had boundless discussions, in which we all walk away with deep insights and understandings. 

 Julian, Guthrie and I each have taken 'refuge' in our many explorations. Julian and I took a Buddhist refuge and received names. Julian's is 'Compassion,' mine is 'the Way' and Guthrie's is 'remover of obstacles.' When we discovered this about our selves we knew, in that instant, we did not meet by chance; nothing is ever an accident. The profundity of the meaning of our combined names was mind blowing. And this underscored how important our connection was. 'Compassion is the way to Remove Obstacles.' The magnitude of our bond was constantly being highlighted by the depth to which we could understand ourselves when working together as a triad, and the scope to which our work together could impact the lives of others around us. The Stillness in the Storm blog has seen many posts and write ups which were inspired by the musings and discussions of the three of us.

Inner world Reflecting the Outer

Since the time of our meeting, Guthrie has opened many hearts and minds to what IS about themselves; their perfect fractal nature, their quantized creative expression within the "standing wave." There are three Souls we have had the pleasure of sharing this space with, and the result has been growth and healing for each in a potent way, and a gravitation, a RE-MEMBERING occurs in the true healing of the self. For what is the physical iteration but an expression of a spiritual being? One of being in particular was institutionalized for 12 years of their life for having shamanic experiences after high school. They doubted themselves and felt lost in life, but after sharing our truths in a loving way, this soul was able to reconcile the fundamental incongruities within and effect great positive change in their lives; all within weeks! The healing power of sharing your truth in a loving way is made evident at every turn. 

This to us, is an example of our collective unity together, and an example in density, of the whole of the human families potential to unite. For Compassion is the Way to Remove Obstacles! When we Unite more completely and repletely and discover ONENESS with open hearts and minds, there is NOTHING that can stop the co-creative force for change that we ARE.

Guthrie - Justin - Julian

The Synchronicities of Guthrie's Reunion and Second UFO Sighting

Guthrie had an outstanding probation he had come to understand was a fraud, and was learning about his true relationship to law and the statutory codes pushed by our would-be masters. What happened, although seemingly tragic, was ABSOLUTELY perfect. Guthrie was taken from us by the police for violating his probation on 11/17/13 at 8:10 (on the "official" document). Prior to this happening, we were reading Freedom From Government, by Trent Goodbaudy, and just so happened to be discussing his options, when low and behold the police pull up to take him due to a neighbor, that evening departing herself, informing on him. 

During his time, he fully reconciled his previous contractual obligations with the private Roman Bar Courts; meaning honoring his original agreement. Simultaneously, he learning everything he needed to learn to so that in the future he can act as a sovereign and not be coerced into a contract with the private courts. Within the context of the Ancient Mysteries, and Alchemy, he was going through a distillation of himself and reconciliation of his higher self and activation of his consciousness. He will be releasing a complete version of this fascinating tale soon, and it perfectly demonstrates how the Universe is preparing all of us for Ascension and Activated Consciousness. He was very excited about coming on the OPAL tour, and sharing in that experience. And I have no doubt he would have fit in like so many do.

The three of us, were all intending to travel anyway after we had acknowledged the obvious nature of our union. And it just so happens that the night we return from the tour, Guthrie gets released from Jail, totally free of any entanglements left and during the time Julian and I are in deep thought about our experiences and future possibilities. This was huge for us!

When I arrived home after my minor (though major on a physical plane) conscious yuga, I had a distinct desire to smoke. I decided to take one of the bikes and make my pilgrimage to the nearest distributor of toxins. As I begin to intersect with 1st ave N and 27th st (10, At Ten Tion, action at optimal form) I see a large light in the sky, it's close enough that I would have seen details but it was just BRIGHT whitish yellow light and it was dancing lightly through the sky following the path of 1st ave N and 27th st. The light is the path of the one (10=1). I naturally pursued the light and watched as it slowly deflated in size and eventually dissipated. This EXEMPLIFIED my initiation into a higher plane of consciousness for me, and my inherent spiritual connection with Justin Deschamps, Julian Robles and the UNI-VERSE! WELCOME HOME! (thank you, Uni-ted we STAND)

All the connections, all the Synchronicities are all guiding us toward our TRUE purpose in this grand design. 

In addition to all this, Guthrie had shared many observations that during his last weekend in Jail, and our weekend at the OPAL tour, there was an Ascension that happened for seemingly EVERYONE. Why was this the case? Because many inmates he came across made major leaps in consciousness during the weekend (ie those willing to be open to the new energies) and also the guards where going crazy, reporting violations and generally being much more disgruntled then normal. 

This was mirrored by many people sharing with Julian and I there openness and willingness to see that the world is changing. These were not people on the OPAL tour, they were friends whom reached out to us, synchronistically during the weekend, to reveal they were MUCH more open to the activation of consciousness. 

An activation Code Released during the weekend of 12/09/2013
Finally, the blog We Rise Together, released several updates over the weekend entitled 'Activation Codes.' What they are, and where they came from I am not sure, but the synchronicity of having these released at this time, is just another piece of the Absolute Data bringing a new phase of consciousness into focus.  

Judges passes Guthrie on his Initiation to the Ancient Mysteries - The Powers that Were are ready to Co-Create

Standing Between the 2 Pillers (jachin Masculine and Boaz Feminine,
Unifying at the apex, representative of an activated Pineal Gland,
 where the scales are). Because once you pass
 you have Realized (real eyes'd) Natural Law
Guthries experience highlights so many powerful symbolic representations of our collective awakening. To understand this, we must also understand the fundamental nature of the Court System, and the Role of the Judge. The Judge is a black robed Babylonian Priest, whom is profoundly aware of all the deep truths about ourselves to a certain extent, natural law and our relation to the Universe. They are aware of the Ancient Mysteries, their process of initiation in which one must be passed up the degrees by using their knowledge guided by desire to learn and act that knowledge into manifesting Action. 

How do I know this? Because a in order to protect the status of the control system you must ensure the FULLY ILLUMINATED Sovereign is the ONLY one capable of passing through each test, of which there are 12 presumptions which must be dispelled. Just like in the Ancient Mysteries, it was not enough to just check the box on the right answer, we must act out our knowledge into the world in order to pass. We must distill our BEing so that we DO in harmony with Natural Law; which is always our highest and greatest expression. When one acts to dispel these presumptions, they literally are passing each test of TRUE Sovereignty, by having a Unified BEING. One that is the product of the divine masculine and the divine feminine, Intelligent Will guided by Love; manifesting as Right Action. Hence the term 'knowing your right(s)'

Guthrie completely Honored his contractual obligations, under the bogus Statutory system, underscoring the Karmic Nature of our existence. Although he did not act totally as a Sovereign and dispel the 12 presumptions explicitly, he did prove to the Judge, that he is not meant to be there, and the judge, knowing that Guthrie is a powerful tool for awakening, Being of the Willing Heart, let him out in the world. We will share Guthrie's amazing story when he is finished writing it.

Masonic Pillers directly relate to the ancient mysteries and Kabbalah, which are meant to teach the initiate about their Divine Masculine and Feminine aspects. The goal being to Unify them together to achieve Ascension or Sovereignty

To me this makes light of what I am constantly seeing in movies and media symbolically and allegorically. That the Elite are ready to be forgiven, and they want to co-create. But only if we act as Sovereigns and distill out of ourselves all the slavery we accept from within; which could by why DOV's have not been honored as of yet. Are we willing to heal these deep wounds in Earth's past and in ourselves? I for one am willing to embrace the complete spirit of the Opal Tour, and the former work of the OPPT. Now is the time to release the past, and embrace what is Becoming.

Pendulum and the Great Work

After everything that happened, and despite being fairly tired we all stayed up very late the next day sharing our experiences over the past 3 weeks. Guthrie coming back into our lives at this time, just as we were debating what part he plays in all this, and when Julian and I seriously began to set our intent for Morocco. How could it be any more perfect?! 

Julian and Guthrie have done much pendulum work before, and it was Key to Guthries awakening over the past 3 weeks, so naturally they put the question of Morocco to the Universe. And consistently the message kept coming back... yes, Yes, YES! 

For each of us, not only on the Tour, or those who are awake, but ALL INBODIMENTS in all moments of NOW will be participants in our collective awakening and transformation of the planet. As Bob constantly, and powerfully said during out time together: "NO ONE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND! We are all here because we chose to not partially ascend into 5d, but fully, with EVERY Inbodiment." And now I know, not believe, exactly what he meant. 

For those who are realizing this Human and Spiritual awakening, you will read those words and feel a sense of joy welling up to tears. For those who have not realized this (Real- Eye'zed with Eyes ON or ISON) the new energies of awakening will cause stress, pain and turmoil. This is an intimate part of the plan. Because we are all being shown CONTRAST so that we can Choose with FREE WILL the world we want to create. 

For this is the grand lesson, the Great Experiment that we have been playing out over eons of time on Earth, one that is coming to an end now. We cannot give up our personal responsibility in this to another, we can not wait for another to do this work for us. Each of us MUST realize their unique skills and life experience is ABSOLUTELY needed for ALL to transition, for No ONE will be left behind. 

I DOes I in ALL WAYS, and will always BE for the whole of I. 

Go within, dig deep, ground I within I.

Share Heart to Heart, Mind to Mind.

BE the whole of I so that you may DO with all of I.

It is not to under-stand or to over-stand, but operate at the boundary line; for united we... STAND! 

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