Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Roseanne Barr DROPS A BOMB on PTW

My favorite part about this video is when Roseanne says "even to fight the system is giving it energy." YES!!! As we move closer and closer toward a massive shift in consciousness, peaceful noncompliance is and will continue to be the key. ~BK

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  1. Hey Rosanne Way to go!

    Its been said many times and over and over on youtube by eye witness that the money the Fed makes goes to the Vatican…and to black Ops—secret military who have developed space ships already as they work with area 51 Ets ( Dr Steven Grreer, youtube-Sirius movie) who were not supposed to be here either. These are what we would refer to as "satan" but they can only bother us thru mind control efforts they make and these good ol military boys Black Ops and Fed Reserve ( where they get the money) are brainwashed by these darkened ets who are far more advaced then they —now these humans Are the Archons—channeling their lower fear based frequency. The Arch CONS are using are these psychopaths as their slaves…so this goes deep into the rabbit hole. Says, John Lamn Lash. its why there are so many Gods here in UFO—to help us with this. We shoulda been off oil over 50 years ago, we are off schedule due to these boys and naughty girls.There is also so much disinformation.cacophony...all in all I am pretty sure this planet belongs to God and we are in good hands; but we Huemans must take some responsibility and wake up and choose WHO we serve. I think the Bankers (Archons' slaves and their possees) can take off in space ships and have colonies planned elsewhere; is why they are destroying this planet. Cavalier and arrogant as their masters ( arch cons-as has been said) are permanently insane. Re: John Lash ( youtube)-gnostic text- and their Sophia Myth and the warning about the Archons. Please do not take my words literally but as a metaphor as who really knows anything? its in our hearts this truth—truther!


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