Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gaia Portal Has Served It's Purpose...

Gaia Portal Has Served It's Purpose...
January 14, 2013

Last Gaia Portal Post??? Very interesting...

More blog posts forthcoming :)

We at √ČirePort group have noted the vastly increased Galactic awareness during the period of the GaiaPortal blog portal.

At this point, both hu-manity and Hue-manity components of Gaia consciousness Energy structure have achieved sufficient levels that it is an appropriate moment to close this GaiaPortal blog portal.

We remind all that the “Inner Guidance” is all that is necessary to connect with Gaia, and Higher Cosmics.

We encourage each and all to follow such.

Thank you for your service to this Planet.

We honor each and all.

√ČirePort Group


  1. Brian, I have been following the One People for over a year now. Ever since I heard the Poof interview in November of 2012. Is there any way you can connect me to Bob Wright? I know he used to be JW and I have a sister who is very persistent at trying to study the Bible with me. I am not interested. I am awake. I read any channeled work that interests me. I hope Bob can help me help my sister. I love her. She has cancer and she will not consider alternative medicine (which we know is real medicine!) So, because I love my sister, I don't want to be rude and refuse to study the Bible with her. But I really am not interested in the Bible, unless, Bob can show me some scripture references that will help her wake up. Can you give Bob my Contact info? Do you think this would be a good question to call in with on the One People show? I really like to stay away from discussing religion, but some people will just not go away. My sister believes I will die if I don't convert. She believes ALL of us will die if we don't convert. I so wish I could elevate our relationship several hundred notches!!!

    Thanks for your help! I love the show! And I love the work you are doing.

    Sharon Clark (I use the name Sagey in the room for the shows, sharon@cnrgroup.com (Tell him to put BOB WRITE in the Re: so I can see his email)
    801-580-8931 (cell)

  2. This is Sharon again. My son Sean likes to use my computer. Sorry about that!

  3. So what now????? Not much coming out of you or oppt anymore...Even Keenan and Fulford have more to report... which is a lot of nothing. I think this restructuring will take a lot more than desire and a hope and a dream Brian. I had hoped for better from your group and I am just glad I am not as desperate as most of your flock... I wish them and you peace.

  4. Never any comments posted....Hmmmmm


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