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The Moroccan Adventure of Stillness in the Storm - An offer to Co-Create

The Moroccan Adventure of Stillness in the Storm -- An offer to Co-Create
January 18, 2013 
Some people "get it," while others are well on their way....these guys get it. See an opportunity to create and go for it. No fear of what might happen, what could go wrong. Just do it. This is what Morocco is representing in the hearts of a great many. While simultaneously there are many others trying to "figure out" what it is we're doing here. Truth be told, we don't even know exactly what we're doing here..."yet." The energetic trail pointing here was we came. Does it need to be more planned and organized than that? The more people we meet, conversations we have, energetic downloads we receive, the clearer the picture becomes. That's just it, we don't "have to" know the whole story beforehand. That's like watching the ending of a movie first and then going back and watching it from the beginning, knowing exactly how it's going to end. What fun is that!? So many are now taking full responsibility for creating a life of joy and happiness. Many are leaving jobs that are no longer resonating, getting out of relationships that no longer fit. It matters not what's on the other side of the hill...if it doesn't work change it. If it feels good, DO it. If it's exciting, then it means it's the right track, follow it. If Morocco is singing your name email me for details ( on what it takes to get here. I can't promise Atlantis, or any form of Utopian vision for a better world...both places can only be found within first. If you're already there in your core, then perhaps it is time to start manifesting it in your external reality. There are an infinite amount of possibilities within each moment, which do YOU choose? :) ~BK
 "The story of you, and who you are extends itself all the way to the 'all that is'. Because the story of you, the story of us, is the story that 'all that is' is telling itself, about itself. You, we, us, together are the story of all that is. The story it knows itself to be."

- Bashar
With this perspective in mind we would like to share our story of awakening and discovery. 

If you have enjoyed Stillness in the Storm, find value in the posts and appreciate the energy lovingly offered by us, please consider making a donation or giving your advice/help on our Journey to Morocco. 

A little Story of Stillness in the Storm

In late 2012, Julian and I, had been in our awakening for 2 years, since mid 2010. Little did we know that 3 amazing individuals (OPPT Trustee's) were hard at work foreclosing on the entire slavery system we had been learning about. The One People's Public Trust foreclosed on all Corporate Governments and Banks; which we discovered early January of 2013.

The One People's Public Trust

We encountered the OPPT because we had been following D, over at Removing the Shackles for the most of 2012; she has such an eclectic body of work! At first, Julian and I didn't know what to make of it. I remember reading the Press Release aloud, and both of us scratching our heads, unsure of what the UCC was, how Governments were Corporations and Contracts played a part in our daily lives. Despite our 2 years of research in many things, we had not gotten deeply into the Legal system, nor did we fully understand how the Slavery Systems worked with respect to the black book banking documents (Chattel Paper), contracts tracked via the Uniform Commercial Code and its central nexus the Vatican or Roman Curia. 

What a journey it was researching and discovering what these things were! We have both developed an appreciation for intuitively researching data, and the level of understanding we both gained about ourselves and our relation to Eternal Essence was and is profound. 

5D Media Network

We began listening to Lisa Harrison, Bob Wright and Brian Kelly, who are hosts of the One People Show, weekly as there was much collective healing happening there. This show is on the 5d Media Network, there to help facilitate a dialog where we can all come to understand what the OPPT filings have done (amongst other things), and what the next big step is in our journey as the One People. 

It was around this time, in mid February of 2013, that we came to a good grasp of what the filings did. The Courtesy Notices were soon released (produced by Ken and Scott Bartle) , and Julian and I began to send them out with earnest. We both felt that what had happened was part of the culmination of the Evolution of Consciousness, and our Conscious Co-creation to help remake this world into the paradise it can be. Unlike the other 'movements' we followed (Drake Mass arrests, Occupy Wall Street, Alleged Neptune Contacts via 2012 Scenario, Various Channels telling of Galactic Rescue, and the like) the OPPT DOings offered key knowledge and understanding with a message of empowerment; we are the ones we have been waiting for! It was, and is, amazing to know that by sending a foreclosure flyer, or a Courtesy Notice, it educates others on what is happening, so that they can make a new choice. Planting seeds of expanded consciousness. 

Stillness in the Storm Show on BlogTalk Radio

In March 2013, with the encouragement of our friend Jeremy McDonald, we began the Stillness in the Storm Show on BlogTalk Radio. We were having some success with the Courtesy Notices, and other debt contesting methods and wanted to share our perspective. For me, it was a great opportunity, because I have always enjoyed sharing the wisdom gained in life; a natural urge for everyone I think. The name for our show, came to me completely intuitively. During a discussion with, he asked me what we wanted to call the show, and the name Stillness in the Storm popped into my mind. Then we discovered the connections that has to the Torus, and fundamental ideas about our reality; seemed like following our highest passion was being supported by the Universe in some way. As time went on, the name Stillness in the Storm, seemed to take on more and more meaning. 

Letting go of the Old to take up the New

After 2 and a half years at my Job with Computer Generated Solutions, the contract for Aol Tech Support came to an end, as they were shipping the jobs over seas. I had the chance to take a job in the company else where or to take the lay off and collect unemployment for a while, giving me the chance to live some of my dreams. Did I really want to take the 'easy way' and work a 'secure job' and maintain my life style, or did I want to leave my job, and start the outward work of sharing my truth? This was something I was struggling with for a while, and given the timing of the former OPPT's work, I felt like the Universe was saying... 'you can do better Justin.. Think BIG!' I had a chance to follow my highest excitement, take the risk of putting myself even more out there then I already was, and have faith that my joy would be realized. One of many examples of following the energetic trail. 

As of July 1st, I left my job. It felt amazing having some freedom back in my life again. I began reviewing data more and more (something which has always been a passion of mine) and distilling more meanings from my experience. Julian was right there with me, and it was at this time that we started the Blog, to go along with the radio show. We didn't really know what we wanted to do with it at first. Each BEing, has a unique perspective, that empowers us greatly within our lives, and this perspective can help others. 

With that idea in mind, we started to produce self written blog posts related to things we were doing and  started sharing data we ourselves review in our own exploration. It was at this time, Julian shared his success story with debt contesting, having dealt with over $18,000 in 'debt'. Our blog started to expand beyond our belief and it was an elation to know that the wisdom we had to offer was touching the lives of so many.

As of 01/17/14 3:55PM

Justin and Julian standing in front of the home that was unlawfully seized

In late July, we were evicted from our home, a House I had purchased with an alleged loan. We acted on the knowledge we acquired to produce a series of documents to stop the fraudulent foreclosure process. Despite our efforts of exposing the fraud, the Courts pushed our eviction through anyway. We knew that we were going to be exactly where we needed to be, and we quickly found a place to live in Saint Petersburg Florida. It was at this time we met our new 'old friend' Guthrie. 

In mid August, we started to interact more with the 5D Media team and our posts were being shared. I was a little taken aback to realize that our scribblings and ideas could inspire and be read by so many people. Lisa put out a call for help on the 5D Media Forum, and I offered up my assistance. 

Being the Change

We have always dreamt of a time when the desire for change would overshadow the fear of the unknown, and we would begin to start BEing the Change we want to see. This was brought into focus with the announcement of the OPAL Tour; something we felt was going to be a Catalyst for a new wave of DOing. We both offered up our selves in any way we could. 

As the Tour progressed across the Country the issue of Free Energy Tech being released began to have rippling effects in Consciousness. We felt what we had learned about ownership and Universal law would be helpful, as we are moving into 5D and the concepts of ownership we have on earth are for maintaining slavery systems. Again we were surprised by the response of our sharing, and this encouraged us even more. 

In December, with the OPAL Tour coming close to us in Panama City Florida, we had another chance to meet 'eye ball to eye ball' with the loving BEings we had come to know over the past year. Unbeknownst to us, there was a sweeping energetic Ascension that was happening for many all over the planet.  There was something profound that each of us felt, and upon our return home, we discovered our dear friend Guthrie, had also experienced a profound awaking while he was in Jail and started sharing his truths after his release with the creation of his own blog HumantyInCorporated. We opened our home to Guthrie, creating our own little Absent Limits Community within our own lives. 

Our story, has been a constant realization of acknowledging our own value and then acting on that knowledge to achieve our desires. Both Julian and I were unsure if we even had the "right" to speak our truths, but the Universe always inspires you when you need it most. 

Here are some of the posts we have put together since we started:

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The race to Underwrite DOVs - Why Limitations of Infinite Value are so Important

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The UCC Connection - How the Uniform Commercial Code 'secretly took over' the world

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Self Mastery and Actualization - Hidden Techniques of the Elite - Alchemy and Freemasonry

Can you Own an Idea? RE: Why I'm not going on OPAL Tour -- by Chase Binnie (Patents hold back Humanity)

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Emotional Guidance Scale (Explained in detail) How to be guided by your emotions, instead of controlled by them. By Justin

Definition of a Rebuttal, and conversations with Heather - What did the OPPT really do for humanity?

SITS on the OPAL Tour (12/07 - 12/09) - The Ascension and Willing Activation - "Do you want to..? YES!"

Neurological Study Maps Emotions All Over the Body - Are our Emotions the Compass leading us towards the Higher Self?

The Call to Morocco 

Ever since our return from the OPAL Tour we have been feeling the pull to Morocco. While we were on tour, there was a call between Heather, one of the former trustee's of the OPPT, Bob Wright, Brian Kelly and Lisa Harrison. During the call, Heather said something like "if you can hear my voice, and hear the call to Morocco, then come!" Everyone was unsure as to what this meant, and we all discussed how things maybe playing out for humanity at large in the near future. 

When we heard the call, we instantly thought of our situation. Julian's job was ending on January 11th, 2014 and our lease is ending on the 31st. Our excitement and joy welled up as we began to imagine the adventure. Morocco is a symbol for change, a symbol for increased DOing and an unfoldment of ourselves (not just Julian and I, but everyone) into a new chapter of Action; of BEing and DOing.

After the OPAL Tour, Julian and I got back home, and had daily energetic illumination after illumination that our paths were leading us towards Morocco, even Guthrie was getting energetic messages inviting him to go. But this meant new challenges.

How were we going to get there? Julian and I are not independently wealthy, in the sense of FRNs. Julian was working a 3D job at Macy's and I was collecting unemployment (that ended as of 2013). We mentioned on our show this week, that this has been a big opportunity to heal for us. I have a tendency to be left brain dominant and following the energetic trail is a great exercise in faith and knowing; faith in my highest Joy becoming a reality. 

Let go of Limits and the Universe Responds!

'Imagine, and then DO, what you Imagine' is something I have been hearing more and more, and this rings SO true for Morocco. Last week on our show, Julian discussed how the logistical needs for going to Morocco were just not materializing; despite this path shining brightly in front of us. And this was a great chance to release any expectations as to what the Universe had in store. We released those expectations on the show, and said that no matter where we are, we will be apart of what unfolds. Then later that afternoon, Brian Kelly messages us asking if we want to come join in the adventure and had some helpful information on how we can make our desire manifest! What great energetic signal from the universe, hours after we release any expectation! 

This week on the Collective Imagination, Julian and I called in, and Brian encouraged us to speak our intention into the Universe. 

The pull to Morocco is more then just going to experience that place. For us it is a chance to create a better alternative to the ways we have been living, a chance for change. The next step in the Evolution of Consciousness in the universe.

One of the things that holds us back in realizing our dreams, is the idea that it is up to us only to make it real. Our dream, of creating a Consciousness Community, and being able to do more and more work to help usher in the "Event" is what we are excited about. One person can only do so much, but when Source gathers up willing Beings driven by their heart space love to make real their dreams, anything is possible. It is with this knowingness that we journey forth to Morocco, ready to help ground the Awakening Consciousness into density.

Do you want to?? An offer to Co-Create

The plane tickets are the biggest hurdle for us. We have managed to gather up other resources from selling various items (part of this shift for us means letting go of a lot of stuff we just don't need anymore). Absent Limits Baby!

If you have any advice on how to get cheap tickets or maybe have a connection with an airline we would love to hear from you?! I like to think of this, just like all things, as a co-creation. And our shift into the New Age, is all about Conscious Co-Creation. We are taught in this confused world, that asking for help is a bad thing. This has been a big chance for us to let go of the idea that we are all alone and have no one to turn to. 

You can contact us directly via with any ideas, advice or tips you may have; or 

You can Donate by clicking here. (Paypal)

Big Energetic hugs to ALL whom share in the adventure of making our collective dream of a Golden Age a reality. We are all playing our part just like everyone is in their own unique and perfect way!

Bashar: Finding your Highest Excitement

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