Saturday, February 8, 2014

All Roads Lead to Africa...


All Roads Lead to Africa...
February 8, 2014

Many have reached out to us wondering what we're DOing here in Africa. Instead of writing up a long post (which is coming soon) I will let this incredible message from Kryon do it for me. So much of what he has to share is what we've been discussing for the last few weeks/months. There's something about Africa...and that something is why we are here. Many more will arrive in the days and weeks to come. What we create can be duplicated and modeled anywhere else in the world. This is not about "fixing" Africa, it IS about pioneering a new way of life for all who are interested, to enjoy freely, unencumbered by all perceived limitation, whether financial or otherwise. The photo above is a picture of the community outside of a little town called Oued Lau. A beautiful land resting on the Mediterranean, which backs up into lush mountain land, ripe for permaculture, zero point technology, sustainable living projects, healing centers, retreats, a place to live, a place to visit, a place to create, a place to explore new paradigm ways of living, absent limits.

I realize some of this information is going to trigger some negative backlash from a few folks, especially as it pertains to the illuminati bit. So, I'd rather address it now, than as a reactionary response. Bob, Lisa, Heather, myself as well as the others are NOT illuminati. We are NOT illuminati funded. What is being mentioned by Kryon below is 100% accurate, based on some of the data we have received. There are many up the ranks of the illuminati who will be looking to balance their energetic accounting. In other words, right some of the many wrongs they have committed against humanity. They will do this by investing in projects that will bring good to the world. I know this will be hard for many to believe, but it's the truth. As the collective consciousness evolves, so to does the consciousness of all Souls on an individual level. With this expansion and evolution there is more of a desire to take the kind of action that will manifest more peace, love and happiness for the planet. This is a time of great healing. Forgiveness of ALL beings who have made mistakes, inclusive of but not limited to the illuminati and banking families, is imperative if we hope to move away from living in separation and into living in harmony and oneness. So much more to share in the coming days. Until then, close your eyes and imagine what it is you want to DO, who it is you want to BE, what it is you would like to create. See it within, feel it without and then merge into that space. It is yours for the taking. I'll see you on the other side ;) ~BK

Email from a reader:

Hi everyone, I believe I've mentioned this before and after hearing what's going on in Morocco I've decided to look up KYRON and what he's been saying about Africa being the start of change in the world. Kyron has been saying this for years now. I've just found the latest article called 'Moving into 2014 from the internet and thought I would send you the bit I found for what will happen this year.


  1. The illuminati want to make money while funding these African projects!? I dare say most of that money the illuminati currently has was illegally gotten right from the start and doesn't even belong to them, and now out of the goodness of their hearts they want to use all that illegal blood money to help the very down trodden people they've been destroying and murdering? Oh, and Kryon wants us to forgive them? Not in a billion lifetimes will I do this and Kryon for even suggesting such a thing is a sell out to the human race. Perhaps he's one the Archons Cobra keeps talking about because that would sure as hell explain his position on this matter. Forgive the poor sociopathic illuminati, because they've had it so bad compared to the rest of us, is that it? Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who, this is supposed to be a happy occasion, between the murderers of this world and their victims, right? Say, I got an idea, why don't we forget about all those murdered children those illuminati pedophiles had their fun with too. Lets just sweep all that nastiness right under the rug and pretend none of it ever happened as well. I'm certain all those dead children feel that way, oops, that's right they're dead, they can't feel anything anymore can they? Well I'm sure they won't mind if we just forget about all that stuff because it just brings up bad feelings, right Kryon?

  2. Oh, this is SO incredibly cool and wonderful! The healing of Africa has been the focus of my own DOing for a long time. I recently made a short 4 minute video of music and images to ground the Vision to Heal Africa, and am sharing it in support of what you are all DOing - thank you!

  3. fascinating. thank you Brian.

  4. I agree with Kryon and you, this is Africa's time! Thank you for creating and moving forward with your projects of greatness. I feel that many people will be joining us here soon. Come and visit in Ouzoud Falls. Merina

  5. Perhaps I don´t get it right...but Im reading it as that it's just another business deal to the illuminati:
    "They want to make money, but what they will see instead is a way to make a great deal of money through this investment."
    So whatever they will invest in energy devices, medicine, healing devices..etc. their only interest is to make a profit, a great deal of it. Nothing new there, so guess who's going to pay the price for that? :(

  6. My exact thoughts Trisha,
    Invest? Make lots of money?
    Thats not a new model and certainly NOT An aspect of a foreseeable new world.
    Anyone making such claims are still thinking 3D and lack vision of higher dimentional Love and Unity. Agape Universal Love (AmbRo).


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