Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Heavenletter: Less Worry, More Confidence

Heavenletter: Less Worry, More Confidence
February 12, 2014

Don't worry, BE happy!! :) ~BK
God said:

If you were to ask Me, “God, what is on Your mind,” I could answer: “You. You are on My mind.”

I could also answer: “Nothing is on My mind. I have no worries. I know Who I am, and I know where I am, and I have so many beautiful children who speak for Me, and, therefore, for themselves and others. There is no need to worry. There is no benefit to it. What a world a worriless world would be!”

Even so, the world with worry is a beautiful world. Even so, less gravity on Earth would bring the world right up to Heaven. Less gravity means more letting go. Worry is not letting go. Of course, it is a grand idea to let go. If you were not attached, worries wouldn’t find their way to you. Without your being attached, worries could not find a foothold. Without worries, you would see worries as they are -- fraudulent thoughts not worthy of you.

Just think of your being worry-free. You would be in a free state of mind. Worry-free doesn’t mean that you would let go of responsibility. You don’t need worry in order to be responsible. Worry is niggling fear, and, of course, fear is an idea you have bought into.

Once you drop worry, such repeated fear that worry is, nothing holds you back. Fear is not in your best interest. Worry is a marauder and very picky. Worry finds cause anywhere and everywhere. If life is high for you right now, you fear falling down. And if life is not high for you right now, you worry about not getting there. What do high and low have to do with you, beloveds? I say you are at a new high. The measures you take of your life are not exactly accurate.

How did We get on this topic? And how do We get off it?

I suppose We can say that the opposite of worry is non-attachment. You do not have to be attached to outcomes. This is not the first time I have said this. Let’s say you do not get the promotion you craved. What has changed? You make something out of it, as if you’re not being promoted is a rating of you. No longer grade yourself on details of life. You are far more than the details of your life.

A lack of promotion or any worldly attribute is not a loss except as you say so. Get out of the past. Be glad you went for the promotion or whatever it is in the world that keeps you in its thrall. Go for thinking well of yourself. Go for doing the best job you can possibly do. Be happy anyway. Wouldn’t you trade in worry for happiness? Why don’t you then? Instead of thinking of worries, think of blessings, and give blessings and give thanks for your ability to rise above self-centeredness. Think of something else.

The point of no return lies not in worries. There is no such thing as a point of no return unless We say that it is love and the love you give. You cannot overdo love. Real love, I mean. You can’t overdo love, and you can’t surpass love. One ounce of love is worth far more than a thousand work promotions. I am not down on promotions. I am down on worry.

Even if you are laid off from a job, choose love. Forgive the disappointment you may feel. Let go of disappointment and let go of worry. Worry is a habit that you learned. You were taught that it was to your credit to keep a lot of things on your mind. And now you know to let go of worry and proceed in life without it. Worry is a self-proclaimed concept, that’s all. Let fall off that which is not useful to you. Drop off the idea that somehow worry is to guide you. Let love guide you. Love yourself more than you worry. Worry not. Have confidence instead.


  1. Accepting and releasing outcomes is a great tool....and living, being true love like a flowing river....infinite in its abundance

  2. Love like a flowing river of abundance ....accepting and releasing all outcomes by non attachment can it be less difficult ? In 5D existing outside of ego and living in faith doesn't allow for attachment because we're nothing = everything <3


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