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OPAL Tour RV’s up for auction!!!!


OPAL Tour RV's up for Auction!!!!
February 8, 2014

The time has come to say goodbye to the OPAL Tour RV’s that so lovingly carried us across the United States…Mary Jane, Blue Star and The UNlimited as we nicknamed them, were our homes away from home, our gathering place and sanctuary on the road for months. They consistently provided us with opportunities to put our words and beliefs into action by breaking down or having some kind of mechanical issue just and only, as there was someone immediately on hand with the expertise to handle it.

The initial phase of the OPAL Tour achieved a great deal, some of which was our conscious intent at conception and much was not. Traveling across the Country with a growing caravan of individuals who share a common intent taught us all so much about community, sharing, transparency and unconditional love, to name just a few.

We also learned a great deal on a logistical level about how to go about spreading the word of the One People and bringing everyone together. On hearing that we are selling the RV’s some may think it is the end of the OPAL journey, it isn’t. First a reminder that OPAL stands for ‘One People Absent Limits’, which is everyone, everywhere in all of their doing’s. Secondly, as I said earlier, we learned a lot about how to get this done in the most efficient way possible.

What has been coming into focus for me over the last month or so is to put my energy into events designed to bring people together rather than traveling across the countryside which takes a great deal of energy in many forms. The 5D Media Network crew, which is continually growing, are now putting their energy into creating such events in Australia, the US and anywhere else the energetic trail leads.

Another intention of the OPAL Tour was to showcase and release the plans for an alternative energy systems, with the intent of eventually converting one of the RV’s to run on water. As it so happened information, innovation and distribution of superior technology erupted on the scene at the same time which made the idea of conversion of an RV to water obsolete. Brian Kelly is working on a thorough update on all of that information and will publish in the next 24-48 hours so I will not go into too much detail here, but will add a link to it as soon as it is published.

Our intention of selling the RV’s is to first give them back to the people and keep them circulating and being of service which I know they will do for many years to come. Also the intention with the funds generated by selling the RV’s is manyfold, one would be to allow me to go home and visit my children for the first time since October 21st last year, another is to get Bob, Brian and Myself to the location of whichever event is next and third, to start building the first community here in Morocco. Brian and I briefly wrote about it here and will update as things develop.

In other words these really are exciting times and the more we can go with the flow, follow the energetic trail and be fluid, the more opportunity and growth opens up before us.

If you would like to see our much loved ‘homes away from home’ while the photos are available you can do so while they are on ebay, Unlimited, Mary Jane and Blue Star

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  1. Have you seen this? There are some wonderful ideas with this website, as well as established communities around the world! Laura


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