Sunday, February 9, 2014

Heaven Letters: YOU Are the Designer of the World

Heaven Letters: YOU Are the Designer of the World
February 9, 2014

After a Skype call with Heather last night, she sent me this article with the following message:

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf: it all shakes out, Brian.....beautifully!...but you know that already
Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf: i love you

God said:

Thoughts are something that go through your mind and revolve across the Universe. By no means, are you just a cog in the wheel. You are the wheel. Know now once and for all how integral you are to the world and its safe-keeping. You are an exponent and proponent of the entire material world.

No longer can you refute your importance. You are a player. You play. You contribute. You are significant. You are all-important. The die is cast, and you cast it. Your thoughts vote. Your emotions vote. And all votes are counted. Glory be to you.

You are the designer of the world. God knows, you are also the critic, the angler, the tangler, the dangler, and the very object you critique. You put your thumb print on the world. You conduct it, and you affect everyone and everything. Whether you are muted or loud, your voice is heard. You do have a say in the running of the world. The world is at your service.

You are also memory-filled, and you base so much on the past, your understanding of the past, and rules that have been laid down and that you fed on, and, so, you predict what can and cannot be done. You are so memory-filled that you can’t keep all the memories and, so, you forget. You forget your true purpose, and you forget Me and what I say, and I say, without equivocation, that everything is possible, including that you will remember where you come from and why you are here on Earth. You will begin to remember that you encompass the Universe, and that you are A to Z. You are the fulfiller of all I have said and predicted. You are a world-maker.

You are more than a pretty face. You are an endower and the gift, and you complement the world and all the people who walk the Earth, all those who came before and will come again, and you are the protagonist who saves the day, and you save the day with your thoughts and your moods. You are the hero. You are also the villain who is a pretense, for all My children are heroes of life when it comes to the energy you give it. By golly, you are dynamic, even a dynamo at adorning the world. Now adore the world, for it is yours in the making. The Earth is your home, and you are building it. Build well. Do not consider doom. Consider the Earth through My eyes and My ears. I do not see fallacy, nor do I hear rumors.

I see the lightning and I hear the thunder of evolution as it burgeons down the tracks. I see you standing in your true light, and I see clearly that you are the Light of the Earth. Now you will speak well of yourself and see the far-reaching light, and see that you are the one who shines that light, and that you shine it for all to see. You are a Master of Light. You are a natural. You are light that comes before light. You have switched the light on. Now the light is on for all time, and you won’t switch it off.

This is the day of reckoning, and it has come. The day of reckoning IS light. I AM, light IS, and you, My beloved you, ARE light forevermore, not only in Truth, yet now in your reckoning as well. This is a tribute to you, the Light of My Heart. Stand tall in your beauty, beloveds. Know what is true, and stand in your light before all men and women. Above all, know your own light that I have given to you to give out to the world.

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