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Stillness in the Storm: Morocco Diary

We are happy to be sharing this post from Morocco!

From Left to Right: Whitney, Julia, Brian, Julian, Justin, Christian, Bob.
Happy to be sharing the adventures of my fellow Moroccan comrades, Julian and Justin from Stillness in the Storm blog and radio show <3

What an adventure it has been getting here, and all the creative work that went into making our dream, with all of you, a reality! Julian and I didn't know how it was going to work, but we knew energetically that the pull was strong and we kept our highest joy in focus, the universe would followed suite.

All In Flow

We began this journey after meeting the 5D Media Crew and others during the O.P.A.L. Tour last year. You can read about that experience in the post SITS on the OPAL Tour (12/07 - 12/09) - The Ascension and Willing Activation - "Do you want to..? YES!". After receiving a powerful activation, the flow of creative energy was pulling us toward Morocco; but we were not sure if it was just wishful thinking.

After returning home from the Tour in December, we started to ground this desire within. Is this really our highest joy? Many instances of intuitive communication occurred which we discussed in the post The Moroccan Adventure of Stillness in the Storm - An offer to Co-Create. We knew that going to Morocco was going to be a group effort, but we weren't sure if others would find value in it and enjoy co-creating that with us. Boy were we surprised!

Soon after posting the call, and DOing within our own spheres of creation (i.e. selling items, asking for help finding plane tickets etc) we had enough grounded in density to start taking action. 

About 3 weeks later, we announced that we had enough from both sources to make the move! 

You can read about that, with financial details, in the update here UPDATE: The Moroccan Adventure of Stillness in the Storm - We ALL did it!

The Purging of the old into Co-Creation

The day before leaving  - packing up!

We want to share with you some of the behind the scenes logistics that led to our eventual move to Morocco.

In general, when we set an intent for our desires, the universe reflects EVERYTHING back to us for processing. For example, tell the universe you are able to unconditionally love people - and an array of experiences to prove that to yourself will be offered. Obstacles will be belief systems or thought forms we have been energizing or creating for sometimes years. For us this was an array of challenges and opportunities to move through. The tone of these challenges is always holistic. Meaning there is an energetic tone and a physical tone. If you find a desire within yourself, realizing this desire requires action, and action in our realm of reality is within density. That may mean changing your thoughts about a thing, which is then reflected in your life.

Our Cats

Caprice, one of the four cats

The Cats were a huge opportunity for us. We had 4 cats we have acquired over the years, and they are our family to a great degree. The question "why are you going to Morocco if it means abandoning your cats?" was a constant thought during this process; and it created emotional upheavals in our lives. Reconciliation of this with my desire meant questioning a lot, and questioning oneself, especially if you have blockages, means going through emotions we normally label as 'negative.' But in actuality these are energetic reflections of our own creations, - how we decided to view a thing internally - and as such changing your thoughts will change the experience.

Melaya, the Sister to Caprice and Nai
After much consideration we released the idea that we were doing harm to our cats by finding new homes for them. This Journey of Awakening is about personal sovereignty and taking back ALL that you are. That being said, it is not just a human endeavor, it is universal and affects ALL beings. Our cats are a loving addition to our family, but just as holding back my creative expression to be with my significant other would be a co-dependency, so would holding back my desires to maintain the same life for my cats. And more importantly it is limiting to think only I can be a loving caretaker; there are many whom desire the experience of care-taking. Thankfully we found homes for 2 of the cats permanently and we are still trying to find homes for 2 more. If you have a desire to be a loving custodian please reach out to us
Nai, Sister to Caprice and Melaya

Leaving the Cats was hard for us, and we both felt strong emotions, to tears, for a few days. Coming home to an empty house was bitter sweet. The number 9 was synchronisticly popping up at that time, which for us indicates one door is closing while another is opening. The feeling of nostalgia was strong as each step forward meant physically changing our lives to reflect it. Our apartment was soon dismantled and the energetic feeling of "this space is closing" was strong.

The Money Challenge

Julian and I did not have the money to go on our own, without liquidating everything, and even then there was an opportunity to create more resources for the trip. Selling our car, TV, Computer, and pretty much everything else we could, was a big part of this for us. Many people received things they needed in exchange for symbols of value we needed. It seemed as if the exchange with others was equal, as in they genuinely wanted to contribute to our cause. This was another great purging. A purging of limitations imposed by years of programming.

I don't know about everyone else, but money has become a great catalyst for clearing old limiting thought forms. Many of us have issues with asking for money, asking for help, or even selling things for our needs; as if it is a dirty thing. But this is just our programming of it. Money is a tool just like anything else, and if used with transparency and co-creative intention, can achieve much within our world.

Once all the pieces fell in place we had to purchase tickets and get passports. We covered that in the update I linked above. We had more challenges to go through as the days approached for actually leaving. Selling our Car early was good but meant that we needed help to finish tying up some loose ends. Thankfully several amazing beings came to our aid in assistance.

Joe, Lisa Gentry, Jeremy, Mariam, and too many others to name all helped greatly. Lisa Gentry was kind enough to let us use her car to move the cats to their new homes and also invited us to stay in her home in the days before we left. What a healing experience this was for us, as we put ourselves out there and many arms opened to lovingly catch us.

Tampa to New York City

New York City Covered in Snow

New Work City again

The day of our flight was exciting as we could feel the winds of change sweeping in to carry us aloft. Lisa was kind enough to drop us off at the airport in Tampa, where we would fly to JFK. We opted out of the Body Scanners at the air port, which is always funny because the TSA Officers look at you like your crazy. The Officer even said "well you know they don't use X-Rays, they use Radio waves" as if this was going to appease us. But Radio (ray dio - Rays of God) are very influential for our Human Skin Suits, and we were not willing to accept his offer for to contract.

JFK Airport

The feeling of leaving Florida, and not knowing exactly when we would be coming back was surreal. It did not feel like we were running away from a horrible life however, it felt more like a transition into a new space and an up-stepping of creative energies. In a way it was a type of initiation into expanded consciousness because every time you move through a limitation within yourself, you open up to your true self.

While on the plane I took this photo of the pattern embroidered on the seats:

The Checker Board underneath an upward facing Triangle

It is a checkerboard pattern with an upward pointing triangle over the top. There are multiple interpretations to this which come to mind. Firstly the checkerboard symbolizes base or duality consciousness while the upward facing triangle symbolizes the Trinity or Unified consciousness. The fact the Triad is on top of Duality indicates the flow or progression from one to the other. This is very similar to the upward pointing Star which can be interpreted to mean our Trinune Nature is the unifying factor to balancing duality. I hesitate to use the word 'dominate' but it is applicable. Iif we use the appropriate definition, that being "have a commanding influence on; exercise control over."

Another meaning we can extrapolate is a bit more dark, but I want to reveal it so that our awareness can transmute it. The Triangle is also a symbol for the Divine Masculine, which in Dark Occultism, is elevated above the Feminine. This is also refereed to as the Divine Feminine in distress, and if you have read the post Brian Kelly put out Transmission from Pleiadians about Sexuality - via Barbara Marciniak, from the book “Bringers of the Dawn”, the suppression of the Feminine is a powerful aspect of the control mechanism on earth. Becoming aware of this hidden language allows us to transcend the influencing affect it has on our lives transforming it into INpowerment.

Outside of JFK Airport

As we arrived in New York we felt the energy of movement greatly. Feeling cold weather for the first time in almost 10 years was a joy. I grew up in Reading MA, a little town outside of Boston, and seeing the snow again brought back many joyful memories.

I took this photo of words scribed into the snow at exactly 14:44 which was a big synchronicity for us.

Culture Shock

We knew that culturally, the move to Morocco was going to be a contrast for us. Many of our family members and friends would warn us that Morocco was a 3rd World Country and wondered if we were really aware of how horrific it was over there. Many would share their fears with us about getting robbed, taken advantage of and questioned if Morocco was any better of a place then the US for realizing a Global shift in living; I was surprised how this created a new perspective of American thinking in our lives.

The US is filled with constant fear programming and it is reflected in the minds of those living there. Personally, I have always felt reservations about fully opening up to others, as if I may be taken advantage of if I did so. The experience of having others warm us of this allowed us to consider the notion that this is a societal program resultant from years of living in a police state type culture; one which is heavily influenced by hidden occult forces. As the trip to Morocco progressed, the contrast of American culture to other cultures swung into focus.

Though these concerns from certain perspectives are valid, the same fears could be expressed about our local cultures as well. Desperation and depression cause us all to act in ways we may not normally do so and this is felt in all cultures not simply Morocco or the United States.


Touching down in Spain after a 7 hour flight was a relief. Justin: The seating on the American Airlines flight was like being packed into a UPS truck; there was no room for more than just sitting in one position. I got up several times during the flight to keep blood flowing to my body and was not able to sleep at all. As soon as we left the plane I could palpably feel the difference in energy of this new Land.

Julian: I listened to some music while dosing off here and there but I too could not get much sleep. I listened to Philip Glass, the OST for the recent Star Trek movies, and the London Philiharmonic Orchestra play the Greatest Video Game music. 

Justin: I don't know if it was the culture, the people, the new languages or faces, but I didn't feel any fear of the people around me, in the same way I did while being in the US; despite many warnings from others. I have a very tactile observation capacity. By that I mean, when I experience something with my senses, there is a signature that imbeds deeply within, and I can easily recognize faces or voices I have come in contact with. As a result of this, I take notice of subtle details about people's mannerisms and physical features. It is difficult to fully describe the feeling of being in a new area and culture, but it is very similar to tasting different home made dishes of the same recipe. While pizza is pizza, everyone makes it differently and that is perceptible. Similarly the way people live in different areas of the world is also very perceptible

¡Balé! - Dance and Be yourself in FULLNESS

Bale is the Spanish term used ubiquitously to affirm a statement, very similar to "OK." My experience of this term was awesome. To hear someone say "dance!" after confirming your truth created a feeling of acceptance for me that was reflective of a healing process.

On a personal note, I have spent many years denying myself to myself, as a result of my appreciation for the Male form. Before I met Julian, I was deeply in denial and this has a way of really hindering the self in fully stepping into yourself; something that is paramount in this moment of NOW. As a healing modality, I would often do an exercise where I would think of things I felt uncomfortable expressing, and imagine myself fully and openly expressing them. It would create the feeling of dancing to my own music, kind of like being so totally in the Bliss of the Now that Dance was the only way to express the joy of what I was feeling. So when I came to Spain and hear people say 'Bale!" it was a wonderful synchronicity. Here was a whole culture that acknowledges when they have the right of a thing they dance; Bale!

Barcelona to Tangier


Arriving in Spain was a joy on many levels, but there were challenges as well. When we booked our tickets from Barcelona to Tangier we did so one way. When we went to go check in for our flight, the attendant said we needed to prove we were traveling outside of Morocco within 90 days; apparently this is a US stipulation only, per the attendant. Julian and I had a big fear response, as we only had an hour to book some form of travel to accommodate the stipulation.

A buffet of challenges erupted at this time; mind you Julian and I had been up for 24 hours at this point, and sleep was definitely something we were looking forward to. First challenge was to get online so we could get in touch with our contacts and find a solution. Internet was 4.50 Euro per hour! We got online despite consistent connection issues and thankfully Whitney and Brian Kelly were available and willing to assist us. Whitney was able to find a Ferry from Ceuta to Spain for only 60 Euros.


Enter Challenge number 2. We informed our bank, Regions, that we were going to be flying internationally and wanted to ensure we wouldn't have issues using our cards. They told me it was good that I had called, else my card would have been flagged.

Despite following their process, when we went to go use my card to purchase the Ferry, it got flagged. Oddly enough though, the wifi charges were going through just fine! Julian and I were feeling the time pressure as we only had a few minutes to purchase this proof to make our flight.

After several attempts, it was too late, we were not able to secure the tickets and we had missed our flight. A deep disappointment set in for us. I took a moment to ground myself doing a little meditation and realized that what IS happening is what is meant to happen. This was just another opportunity to ground our desires by going through an initiation of action and consciousness. "Do you really want to???" Then you must release your fear and embrace what IS!

We were in a beautiful city, surrounded by a great energy and now we had more time to experience this. Julian and I still had challenges to overcome, but now we were in a more creative space to do so. We attempted to contact my bank so we could secure tickets. They did not open till 1pm Barcelona time, which gave us a chance to relax. After contacting the bank and getting the card released, we were able to purchase the ferry tickets and then secure the new flight to Tangier; which was for the next day at 12:40pm.

Spain Intermission

Tickets secured, card released, and with almost no sleep in 36 hours we were exhausted. Julian was falling a sleep in the air port and we decided to get a room and crash. After booking a hotel room at a place close to the air port, we waited for the shuttle to arrive. Waiting what seemed like an hour, being in the cold and having no sleep was taxing. After a time, Julian said "ok I'm calling in the shuttle, please come pick us up!" 2 minutes later the shuttle arrived.

After settling in to the hotel room and feeling a huge relief knowing we had a brief respite, we went out to find a bit to eat. We settled on what looked like a Spanish fast food chain, and I was shocked at the quality the food. The proportions were small yet fulfilling. Soon after we went back to the hotel room and slept for a good 10 hours.

Symbolism in the Airport

Waking up the next day we still felt exhausted, but had a renewed drive to move forward in our journey. We took the shuttle back the airport and prepared to board the plane. Just before hand, I was able to take a photo of the Spanish Airport:

When looking at symbols it is key to remember that there are many different interpretations to the raw data; the 'rightness' of which is determined by the adherence to the boundary to which you set the condition. For example, looking at the upward pointing start below, if you attempt to apply downward pointing meanings to an upward star, they do not fit the symbol. There is a fixed template of the symbol based on the raw configuration of the shapes and colors; its inherent geometry. While we can have many interpretations, the raw data remains fixed and unwavering.

Here we have a Pyramid shaped Triangle in blue with a section of that triangle transposed downward in green.

This is very reminiscent of the Pentagram symbolically - the 5 pointed star pointing upwards indicates the trinity elevated above duality.

The reverse orientation means the opposite; duality elevated above the trinity; which is the well known symbol of the pentagram. Notice the contrasting figures used in the images - the Hue-man being the Trinity and the Goat being Duality. Animal and Unified Consciousness juxtaposed.

In the airport logo above, we see the color blue elevated above the color green. Blue indicates the Divine Feminine and Green the unification of the Feminine and the Masculine or Unity consciousness. Therefore the symbolic meaning of passivity and obedience is being elevated above balance. Which in an airport, is a very accurate symbolic representation; as you are constantly subjected to authorities, policies and rules requiring your obedience in order to travel.

As above so Below Symbolism

After boarding the plane for Tangier, Julian happened to notice this photo in a magazine which was asking the question, "would you eat a filet if created in a Laboratory?" And interestingly enough we see a depiction of Baphomet in the photo, pointing up and down in the as above so below fashion. Here is the Photo from the Magazine:

And here is Baphomet expressing As Above So Below and the 2 becoming One of Masculine and Feminine (it is important to note that despite this symbol being synonymous with Dark Occultism, this was originally a positive allegorical representation. The Dark Occult do not invent new things they twist existing systems to their ends):

Tangier Airport

The flight was quick and calm, no issues with boarding or having to prove anything now that we had our ferry tickets. However when we landed in Morocco, there was a slight issue.

Walking up to the Passport attendant we needed to fill out a customs form. I had a feeling something was going to happen and I started to say "we may have another problem to deal with" but I stopped myself, and said "we may have another opportunity on our hands." And we did!

The form required an address for where we plan to stay in Morocco. Given all the issues with proof of travel, we didn't feel comfortable just making one up, even though that was the impression we were getting from the head of Customs. We were escorted to the front of the Customs Office where I waited and Julian left with the head of Customs to go find Brian. Brian was waiting in the wings with an address and we were soon off under the clear skies of Morocco!

The Arrival

Tangier Airport

Jorge the Artist

We met Brian and Jorge at the cafe in the airport. Jorge is an amazing visual artist and has produced many images associated with the One People and I UV. Here is a small sample of his work:

Jorge is also working on some amazing stuff with Heather. Something that, from what I have heard, will be a huge empowerment for the individual to create in their lives. I wont say anymore until something concrete comes out, but it is very exciting!

Home is where the Heart IS

Our Apartment complex
Getting to our new place in Cabonegro was a dream. We were literally seeing the photos that inspired us to make the trip unfold before our eyes. Driving from Tangier to Cabonegro was breathtakingly beautiful. Coming from Florida, a flat landed area, to the rolling hillsides of Morocco was a wonderful contrast. Here are some of the photo's from the Drive:

Julian took some incredible photos you can find on his Facebook Like Page, check them out here:

Driving up to the apartment was like entering something from my childhood. I have stayed in similar places in Dominican Republic as a child, and the feel was reminiscent of them. We met Whitney, our new roommate and our new temporary accommodations. The room is beautiful and fairly inexpensive for the space and furnishings. The house is nestled on a hillside meandering up in an organic step terrace fashion along side an entire host of similar structures. There is a quiessence or peace about this place that is remarkable. It is so easy to slip into meditation sitting quietly with the cool winds of the Mediterranean bathing the body.

Home, the place we feel stable and grounded, comforted and sustained is where our Heart is, and this place overflows with love.

We meet Lisa, Heather, Caleb, and others at the Local Cafe; Cafe de Paris. Later we trekked up to the their apartment and met up again with Bob, Red and all the other wonderful souls who have gathered. Their view is just as majestic as all the others in the area. Red was making a healing Vegan meal for the what seems to be a nightly gathering. He wanted a few other items from the local market, so we took the chance to see the local culture.

Local People

Driving through the city of M'Diq at night was beautiful. It had the feel of being there for thousands of years, small stone streets with merchants selling everything from local organic produce grown right on the family farm or USB 3G Mobile WiFi sticks. The spectrum of products available for modern day life was surprising only because we have been living under the false program pushed in the US.

When we were leaving the US, some people were warning us to be careful about terrorists, thugs, and criminals. The level of fear that was offered to us was large; all with good intent mind you. The unknown can be a scary thing and being cautious in a new land is a good idea. We were very surprised by the communal feel to life here amongst the Moroccan People.

For example, you often see people on the road just standing around because they are waiting for a ride. People will offer rides to perfect strangers simply because they can help. One older women attempted to flag us down, to me revealing the level of general trust the people have here; a stark contrast to the isolation people feel and act under in the US.

Market Shopping

The cost for local produce ranges from 1 or 2 Dirham per Kilo and up to 10 Dirham per kilo. The exchange rate for USD is about 8 to 1. We got 2 Kilos of Clementines for 12 Duram which is about $3. The cost in the US for this amount would have easily been $12 and would not be organic. The produce here is nutritious, fresh, and delicious.

Whitney was a God send in the markets with her logistical wisdom being greatly appreciated. Morocco has a unique version of Arabic; with Spanish and French is woven. Thankfully Whitney is very good with French and Julian speaks a fair amount of Spanish. But sometimes neither are useful and we need to create a new form of communication.

In one instance, Whitney started pointing to various vegetables we needed for the house and motioning to the weight measurement with a finger or two raised to indicate the number of kilos, the seller would then show Whitney the number of Dirhams needed for each quantity. Several times because communication was so poor, Whitney simply handed the pile of coins to the seller at which point they would pull out what they needed to complete the purchase. To me this was huge. What a level of trust that we could reach with being able to share a language! Granted we were probably charged the Tourist rate, but to have the honorable actions of the sellers proven again and again was awe inspiring. It would have been very easy for them to take our money and run. Again the people here are much more communal and open to working with each other, and we felt that.

Sustainable Community

We want to take some time to talk about this dream of a Sustainable Community that we are gathering here for in Morocco. After speaking with those who are here we have come to understand many are looking to Morocco with wonder. Some have a lot of suspicions and 'hard questions' that have been put forth: What is happening out there? Why Morocco? Who is funding this? Why are Foreign funds going to help another Country while we need to do work here!?

Many valid concerns and questions. I can not speak for everyone, I am not an official representative, but I can share my thoughts and perspectives.

Why Morocco?

Morocco has many advantages to setting up a sustainable community. The cost of living, the quality of food, and the local receptiveness to up stepping the living standards of ourselves and the community. In addition, Heather has been brokering relations and is making major progress in building a co-creative consciousness with them; and this is the key.

As we discussed in Consciousness is PRIME: is there a Civilization based on each Individual's Unique Purpose? it lasted 5,000 years, a community or civilization is always expressed based on the consciousness which it is founded upon. The consciousness here, especially with the people who are gathering is very stable. We all come from different backgrounds and places but the unifying factor is our collective drive to grow as souls in harmony and meet that desire with action in our lives. What does this mean? It means amazing conversations, deep questioning and trust, that even if an emotional upheaval is happening, all will rally to support the consciousness of the whole. Egocentric thought forms are present I am sure, but the impression I get from the people here is reconciliation, love and unity; progress.

Everyone is able to support themselves with relative independence at the moment, but there is a communal aspect to how life is lived for the group gathering here. Every night, we usually gather at someone's place to eat a dinner together, which we all pitch in for. Everyone has what they need when they need it. Moving forward we are thinking about opening a Cafe in the local area as a hub for our activities.

I can not speak with knowledge of how others are funded, but I don't get the impression there is some major investor feeding USD to the 5D Media Crew. People have donated to us, SITS, and I know others have donated to the people here. Some are questioning whether this is a good or bad thing, if the money would be better spent locally in their own communities. While taking action in your immediate sphere of influence is always a good idea, we would do well not to limit ourselves and focus energy where it has the greatest impact. This shift and awaking will be Universal and any work done in any location will have waves ripple everywhere.

Morocco is also the proof of concept for the new way of life for humanity; one amongst many. Who would be brave enough to spend time and money on a car before they took a test drive? Not many. And similarly, there are many who are on the fence, realizing change is needed, but cannot envision what that looks like. That is why this is a great opportunity for everyone. Grounding an example or into density will allow others to get excited and see that this truly is a better way.

Again Positive knowledge is the key here. Positive knowledge is a representation of a thing that is accurate for what IS. For example, after posting our Update about the financial details of our Journey, someone contacted us saying they now felt they 'knew enough' to make their own moves. Why? Because when you have knowledge of a thing it creates the energy of caring. Caring combined with Key Knowledge leads to Right action. Just as when you become aware you are hungry there is a caring to create something in your reality to address it, so does all positive knowledge energize your creative powers empowering you to Action; an initiation into higher consciousness.

Into the Future

Moving forward we are going to keep up a Diary of what is happening here; and post it periodicly. We don't currently have cell phone service or land-line phones. The internet connection we do have normal access to is a 3G WiFi stick; with 12 mbps. From what we have heard from other shows it does seem as though this could be a challenge for us to overcome with doing our show, Stillness in the Storm. We are looking more into it and we may do pre-recordings to ensure a good audio connection for now.

We are also working with Whitney to help create a Portal for those interested in coming to Morocco, whether to join in the adventure or simply visit. We had experienced several hick ups which could have been addressed with some key data so we are going to create something that makes finding that information easier.

If anyone has any questions about anything at all, please ask! This will also help since we may be doing pre-recordings. Whether about our personal journey, what is happening out here, concerns or anything - this for us, is about full transparency and co-creation. Co-creation can only exist when all aspects are clearly known to all parties; when there is a meeting of the minds.

If we choose to rest our beliefs on half truths, false opinions and estranged ideals, then we are probably holding a portion of ourselves back without taking the full responsibility of discovering the whole truth. No one will be exempt from this shift, and the choices we all make in all moments of now affect ALL BEINGS. The question is not so much whether or not Morocco should be the place to start this, the question is why not Morocco? The 'perfect' conditions to realize the golden age will not come from Galactics, Divines or a Prosperity packages. It will come because the people who are here in density will realize who they are and begin to step into that fully taking action when and where they can to achieve their desires. Creating perfect places everywhere.

We make our home with love. And with love all things will be remade a new. The place is immaterial, it is the drive and passion which make home what it is.

- Justin

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