Tuesday, August 20, 2013

GalacticU Radio:Sierra Neblina with Guests Bob Wright and Brian Kelly -- Part II

GalacticU Radio:Sierra Neblina with Guests Bob Wright and Brian Kelly -- Part II
August 20, 2013

Here is Part II. I originally posted this back on August 8, so this is a refresher for all those who listened the first time around. ~BK
The first segment was packed so full of amazing content, we decided to do a sequel! In this round of discussion Sierra interviews Brian Kelly and Bob Wright, hosts of The One People and Collective Imagination radio shows which air every week on www.5dmedianetwork.com, to discuss their awakening, the One People’s Public Trust, the fraudulent nature underlying all of Bank Trade & Finance, fractional reserve lending, promissory note monetization, federal birth registration, corporate governance, foreclosure of the United States of America Inc., the Uniform Commercial Code, how all US Citizen’s debt is pre-paid, creation of the Strawman acct, debt slavery, labor of the people as security for the national debt, how to emotionally process finding out about living in the matrix, challenging banks and creditors of fraudulent debt, the nature of money/value/gold, real value being IN the people, foreclosure of the IMF, Federal Reserve and every bank and corporation in the world, fraudulent nature of statutes, laws and codes, knowing your rights, how to respectfully challenge authority, the coming new value system, the Pope’s power to abolish all laws in the United States, signs of a changing world, the currency Revaluation and lots of other good stuff!

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