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The ZAP Report - 8/11/2013

Copied from AK's Blog...

Comments in red are mine alone -AK (BILL)

Greetings and Salutations,

The Global Reset is under way, nothing can stop it now! The reset is a process not just the flip of a switch. The RV is a part of it just as Basel III is a part along with the announcements and other pieces which make up the whole. Right now everyone is on pins and needles waiting for the 5 elders to swipe their cards in Reno. This is expected to happen at any moment now. When the card swipe happens we will see the RV kick in along with Basel III without delay. Then expect to see F&P anytime afterwards. 

Hi All

Remember when a few who write about the state of affairs have said that when the time comes there will be mass arrests as the truth comes out?

And that all the ill gotten gains will be confiscated directly from the cabal members’ accounts?

And that everybody would get funds to breathe?

And that the original constitution and the real United States of America would be back?

And that little annie and her dog muffy would walk the streets at night without fear?

Well, it is happening in stages. Unfortunately, not all proponents of the new systems are in agreement, and they too are trying to position themselves for maximum gain instead of plowing through the whole thing and just get it done and move on. To be expected.

However, despite the hiccups, it is all on track and will be done.

Keenan is one good example of tenacity. His work is good and in the right direction. He needs a bit of a helping hand getting over the hump, and that too is forthcoming shortly. Help is being provided now here and there where warranted, although overt help is a difficult thing to do at the moment as upstairs is waiting and watching what we all do with what we have first. [This just cracks me up! Yes "upstairs" is indeed waiting and watching!  All will be made known... We so love you guys!]

The RV is imminent by the way (as it always has been) but with some tiers already getting settlements (but not payouts yet), and having to swear allegiance to the “new” Republic of the United States of America, and signing gag orders, and giving bodily fluid samples, the timeline to that event is growing steadily shorter and shorter.

In my estimation (and I could be dead wrong), September will see first funds coming out for the historic asset redemptions, and the rv more or less at the same time. the rest of the relief will be forthcoming around then too as the F&P begin, and the programs begin to think about releasing the prosperity funds.

We are not far away now, so more patience please. Susan will be getting more information each day as it comes in.

So, the cleanup has begun, and the first order of business was to break the bank of the cabal. Many banks have already been contacted to audit the accounts of the cabal members, and freeze them out amongst other actions. This will effectively destroy their financial clout, and without money, it is difficult to finance the continued subjugation of our peoples.

The arrests are imminent as the justice system is pouring over all the nasty things that have been perpetrated, and charges are forthcoming. The Queen may find herself in the odd position of having to smite her own subjects in The Committee she heads up (the 300). [She is not amused! LOL!!!] Obama may indeed take that long vacation…but where to is the question as he has a choice.

The Omega and other programs will be spitting out money all over the place. Once the cleanup is done.

So let us assume again the cleanup is done, and you have money. What now. I spoke to this before remember? Having this kind of money is a great responsibility that you will have undertaken. The lottery mentality will surface, and everybody stands the chance of having their lives not only turned upside down, but losing what they get because they are not used to it, and have no clue how to handle the money part. [Like the banks do it better now?]

I could get into this again, but you get the idea. I will address this again when the time comes, but nuff said for now on that topic.

I wish I could say so much more, but there are so many sensitive things happening now, that I can not as that would indeed be dangerous for the participants.

I should be able to give some greater detail soon enough, but I have shared some internal things with Susan, so she knows a fair bit at the moment. She is responsible with this information, and knows what to say and what not to say at the moment.

So I will leave you with not much to go on this week, as too many things depend on silence in the next days.

Otherwise the purple pigs stand a chance of being grounded, and we do want them to fly.

God bless.

In love and light in our service


“God is; I am; We are”

“Be good, be legal, tell truth”

Poof says:

So here is where we begin. The words are these:

You will never be the same. You are not prepared for what you are about to witness and to receive. You have sat on your butts and done nothing to prepare for this time of transition. The funds coming in are for you, yes, but you are a dispensor of sorts. Not in the way you think. The old adage of 'give a man a fish and he eats for a day- teach him how to fish and he eats for a llifetime' has to be applied here, in this matter. You are also living the Parable of the Ten Talents found in Christian literature. Which will you be? A leverage maker or a fear-based hide money in a hole type? What true wisdom do you have for how to leverage money/energies such that you can both teach circulate and expand the supply of money you will have. [interesting leverage/gearing was brought up, you can't have leverage without debt, wasn't this supposed to be an asset based system?] The stock market may not even be a reality, or, in time it can be dissolved in the light of upcoming changes. The real estate market is not the place for most of you. You don't know what to do nor how to become stakeholders. What you think about you bring about. What Are You Thinking?

The true state of prosperity is in circulating your resources, energies, attitudes, talents, skills in tandem with responsibility. Whatever you give out to another has to be with this stipulation: paying it forward, not with novelty but a significant way. If you have been helped then you help others. It is more than giving a five spot; it is role modeling and it is stepping outside the hotbox of self. I am telling you to look much deeper into what is needed. Taking the stress off of one person's overwrought feelings is one thing but defining if they have a plan, a purpose, a set of goals, a way in which they are stepping up to help others, self valuing, self motivated, self guided--that's what has to be in place for money to be useful.

So let us talk about what you intend. Spend,spend, spend on self. And you will get the most unusual backlash of disorientation, confusion of purpose, feelings of a vacuum, guilt, depression, less motivation to challenge each new day; in short, saturation leads to lethargy and that leads to attempts to stimulate your desires to feel enlivened. Allbeit, the wealthy, new wealthy turn to drugs, spirits, sedatives, sex, food because they are not trained nor have they developed a consciousness of responsible living. Tis why rich fathers do not allow their offspring to inherit businesses until they are 40 yrs old or more. You have been wandering in this wilderness of Omega [Hmmm new term to look up!] for 20+ years. You think you are ready? No. You have been waiting for the good times without thinking of consequences. You must prepare for wealth. Big wealth. You must make it comfortable to have funds in the banks, to have consortiums for investing not in corporations but in people. Your jobs will be much more complex than ever before. And for this you were born, you chose to come, you chose to be part of the renewing of humanity in this the Shift as it is called. No. You argue. You did choose this for yourself. You said that you could be entrusted. [someone having doubts about that?]

The world is undergoing changes on many levels. You feel them. You know that is true. You are destined to become wingmakers in the highest sense. Wingmakers is a term used by some of the ascended masters to recognize people who become prime movers. [the term "wingmakers" also comes up in this Al Bielek video found HERE] Prime in that they follow a new set of guidelines. These guidelines will come forth in the coming days. Fairness will become a principle we will all be reviewing in a lot more depth. What did you invest to be a part of this unfolding? Not much. [Nah...not much just eons of abuse while the divines looked on...and played one ET against another] Not much at all for what is coming to you. We will now see if you are up for the work ahead. I strongly suggest that you give some thought to how you will handle reequests from neighbors, family, friends, every one who perceives you have resources. As the old carny guy, Rev Ike said, "The worst thing you can do for the poor is to become one of them." True. The lessons these days will be encouraging you to spend a lot more time in learning about prosperity consciousness and abundance and maturing in the fields of responsibile sharing/giving, money, investments, econcomics, philanthropy, science and endeavors, charitable institutions, a new mindset.

Consultations available until the door bell rings.
Love and Kisses

Susan and Staff

From the "Office of Poofness" 

I love the Absolute Plan! 

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  1. Ah yes, our weekly propaganda influx of promises and claims that all is well in La La land. Where milk and honey are perpetually just around the corner waiting to be triggered while another week following an endless line of previous weeks go by. Meanwhile more people are spied upon more are warred upon and more are disappeared or jailed upon. Yep, everything's just great, everything seems to be taken care of. Good people continue to starve and die while the perpetrators and their banks continue to get away with it all. I don't know what's worse, all the shit we are forced to deal with on a daily basis or these claims we witness each week about how prosperity is always just around the corner. Stay tuned next week for; MORE OF THE SAME program brought to you by; "BULLSHIT" the "company of heaven" that longs to feed you.


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