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David Wilcock: The Nightmare is Almost Over Part II

David Wilcock: The Nightmare is Almost Over Part II
August 8, 2013

Haven't had a chance to read this yet. ~BK

The illusion of "reality" is crumbling... as the mass public realizes their worldview was built on lies. The exposure and defeat of the Cabal behind the surveillance is just the beginning.
What are they so afraid of? Once we connect the dots, it becomes obvious.

The proof of mass, government surveillance is now undeniable and in-your-face for everyone -- even those whose heads were most firmly buried in the sand. 
The headlines are continuing to get more and more outrageous, as we will see in a minute.
I am humbled and awed to see that the predictions I released -- guided by insider leaks, extensive research, dreams and synchronicity -- are now coming true.
I have had many years to meditate on the unsavory truths that many people are now learning for the first time.
I know these shadowy plots and cover-ups can only succeed if they remain covered up.

The story of Ariel Castro is, in my opinion, a "geosynchronicity" -- i.e. an event with symbolic meaning for all of humanity.
I do believe we are seeing a smaller-scale, easier-to-understand dramatization of a much bigger problem -- and how it will be solved.
The idea that this man could keep three women and a child chained up and imprisoned in his house, for that long, was seemingly unthinkable.
And yet, one day his guard went down -- just long enough for one of his captives to break free, and scream for attention.
An ordinary man became a hero when he risked everything to break into the house, free the girls and call the police.

In Revelations 20:7, Satan is sentenced to be "bound into prison" for a thousand years -- as we move through the "end times."
The public was so horrified by these revelations that Castro's house has already been demolished in the last 24 hours.
I could write a whole piece just on the greater synchronicity of this event -- and very well may do so. 
I believe synchronicity is real, and can occur on a global level. I documented several examples of this in The Synchronicity Key, including some just this year.
Castro's exposure, arrest and imprisonment, his shocking defense of himself as a "normal person" and the total demolition of his house, all seem very prophetic. 
In a very real sense, Castro's sentence seems like the warm-up routine to get us all ready for a much greater story -- which will soon sound very similar.
The events we are seeing suggest that an organized, systematic, international takedown of a vast, corrupt regime is now reaching critical mass.

Government agencies have long used remote viewing and other intuitive protocols to gain factual information.
After 21 years of daily dream practice, often recalling multiple pages of detail each morning, I usually can decipher their meanings easily.
Dreams are by far the most accurate and secure way to gather intuitive information that I've ever found.
You either remember them or you don't. Once you learn the language, through practice and repetition, they become fairly easy to understand.
Skeptics respond only by laughter -- while ignoring extensive scientific proof that this really works. I detail much of it inThe Source Field Investigations.
Synchronicity also can be very useful in revealing how various pieces connect.
In Part I of this series, I described other examples, such as the collision of two bald eagles on an airport tarmac after their talons became intertwined.
One very prominent symbol of the Cabal is the double-headed eagle -- giving this symbol multiple layers of implied meaning.

Due to the lies, confusion and deception implicit in studying the Cabal, I feel each of us needs to trust our inner core when deciding what we feel to be true.
Once we establish that connection, in whatever way works for us, the key is to "Trust... but verify." Use facts as much as possible to support your data.
I put out predictions on this website, partly from insiders and partly from intuition, that were quite specific and time-calibrated.
The sheer volume of groundbreaking events that have occurred since I wrote "The Storm of Disclosure is About to Hit"on April 27th is staggering.
The dream itself was one of many -- and the content, as I spelled it out, was very straightforward and easy to understand.
The same is true for a subsequent dream I published in Part I of this same article series you are now reading.
This is all the more rewarding, considering I took a huge gamble by predicting all of this was about to happen in my new book -- before it actually did.

As just one example, multiple insiders told me Russia is working to defeat the "New World Order" cabal.
This plan can be traced all the way back to the 1970s disclosures of Peter David Beter, who in turn said the Russians have been working on this since the 1700s.
The whistleblower Ed Snowden quickly ended up in Russia. And, as I had expected, it was only a matter of time before his residency became permanent.
Journalist Glenn Greenwald recently admitted to having secured over 15,000 top-secret documents from Snowden:
"I did not do an exact count, but he gave me 15,000, 20,000 documents. Very, very complete and very long," the Brazil-based journalist said on Tuesday.

Snowden revealed documents about the NSA’s global surveillance programs which included spying on America’s European allies, in particular Germany, as well as Latin American states.

"The stories we have published are a small portion."

Snowden's documents are only one tiny aspect of a much greater initiative.
This alliance is far more vast, much more organized and of much greater significance than most people have ever realized.
What we have seen so far is just the beginning.
In an operation this sensitive, with stakes this high, the process can seem painfully slow and drawn out.
Morale has already been crushed in many people following this story, as they feel it is simply taking too long -- and therefore must not be real.
It's tough to even imagine how any group could actually break up the greatest, deadliest organized crime ring in human history.
Nonetheless, that's what we are watching happen -- right now.
These are arguably the most significant events in all of modern history.

Day by day, the cracks in the edifice of Truth are showing. The system itself has yet to crumble -- but very rapidly now, people are putting it all together.
I don't always make friends with my readers by pointing out the simple facts, as denial is a very strong mechanism that helps us avoid facing the truth.
However, if I didn't see a very clear path through this, to a positive, planetary solution, I would never alert you to the following, provable facts.
There are certain connections between the Castro story and the greater reality we are facing -- but the greater reality is far more intricate and frightening:
  • Psychopathic individuals formed a sinister cult that gained massive world power.
  • Secret societies were used to ensure their plans were unlikely to be exposed.
  • Their plan for a "New World Order" global dictatorship was developed at least 250 years ago.
  • They achieved far more success in their goals than most people had ever realized.
  • This Cabal still has a surprising degree of control over our financial system.
  • Top-level Cabal members rake in spectacular profits as humanity suffers more and more.
  • The financial sector in turn has used murderous, covert force to dominate Western governments.
  • These "Powers that Were" actively believe in and practice what most would call evil.
  • Bribery, blackmail, torture and murder are used to threaten and silence opposition.
  • The people running the Cabal see human life as worthless and expendable.
  • Wars and terrorism are being deliberately created to keep the public in perpetual fear.
  • The media is hiding the truth for the government. Snowden is a "traitor," not a hero.
  • The Cabal is using surveillance to avoid its exposure and destruction. 

Despite the seeming negativity of what is now being revealed, I am genuinely excited beyond belief.
I admittedly would like to see it move a little faster.
However, just when it seems to be slowing down, BAM! Another major story breaks through.

From January through until the end of April, I finished a book that is the culmination of 33 years of research into the greatest mysteries of existence.
It was only after December 2012 that I realized The Source Field Investigations was only the set-up to establish a much greater vision in its sequel.
I admittedly misjudged how quickly things would change during the 2012 transition time -- but considering it is the end of a 25,920-year cycle, a six-month margin of error is totally excusable.
I took bold risks in writing this new book -- by predicting in April 2013 that we would see very powerful changes occur before its now-imminent release date of August 20th.
I have an advance copy sitting here next to me. Here is one excerpt my readers will find on page 106 -- with emphasis added:
The truth has become so widespread now that the myth of Big Brother cannot be maintained.
Once we realize the strength we have in numbers, there is no possible way for the activities of the negative elite to remain hidden, even if the mainstream media is too afraid to discuss them.
I do feel we are very close to a tipping point at the time of this writing in April 2013.
Once we fearlessly educate ourselves about the truth, we can directly become a part of the solution—rather than perpetuating the problem.

Here is another excerpt you will find on page 245, where I stated the prophecy even more directly, using some jargon that is explained in the book:
Whether you call them the Illuminati, the New World Order, the Cabal, the Shadow Elite, or the Bad Guys, the planetary elite do represent a worldwide projection of our own ego, distorted to funhouse-mirror extremes.
There are an ever-increasing number of harbingers that this collective nightmare is indeed coming to an end, and I consistently track them on my website.
The Elixir of Immortality that this “dragon” is guarding is far more significant, and fantastic, than most people could ever have imagined—and will have a huge impact upon our world.
It includes the full and complete knowledge that we are not alone in the universe -- and the gateway to meeting our long-lost relatives in a global curtain call.
Given the incredible pace of events now unfolding, and the incredible number of prophetic dreams I’ve been having about the disclosure and defeat of the Cabal, there may already have been very significant developments between the time I finish writing this manuscript and the time the book is published.

For many years now, I have been saying that we must go through a worldwide healing process before the deeper truths become commonly known.
It wasn't until I finished writing The Synchronicity Key that I was able to explain, scientifically, that the defeat of the global Nemesis is part of a perfect Divine plan.
The plan was written long, long before these shenanigans ever got started. It was in place long before life ever blossomed here on earth.
Click here to read the rest of the article on David's site. 

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