Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Message from Heather 8/6

A Message from Heather 8/6 
August 7, 2013

As Heather says below, it sounds like the order of events which needed to happen "is now complete." Waiting to have a conversation with her to discuss further details. Therefore, I can offer no more detail or speculation at this time. What I will suggest is we all hold the space and set the intention for a peaceful unfolding of whatever is to come through the rest of August, into September...and beyond ~BK

Skype Message from Heather 8.6.13

Heather put this message into the RTS Skype room this evening PDT 8.6.13

[6:13:40 PM] Heather Tucci-Jarraf: perfect….I love the part of the Elohim message…resonates completely…and with love I state that I say this from my heart absent me binding any other (heart)

Quoting from Archangeloi of the Elohim Message for 5th August 2013 posted here

” That which you have been taught as TRUTH on this planet is now fully breaking down, those who are walking the path of SERVICE will now be moved into position in order to SHOW how to LIVE TRUTH and to show that there is no fear in the new earth energetic signature. This is something that must be experienced, a tool of the old earth was the use of human language, many again tying themselves in logical knots trying to explain a vibration that JUST IS.”

[6:16:20 PM] Heather Tucci-Jarraf:

Quoting article on Rumormill news

“The rise of your new financial and banking system will bring [UNIVERSAL DEBT FORGIVENESS] and shortly thereafter, disclosure of our benevolent presence.” {nidle} [emphasis from heather]

simultaneously….. {iraq}

(chuckle) NOW….the final moment is here…why wait for September 1? LET’S DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!

eternal value system….ETERNAL ESSENCE COMPLETELY FACTUALIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (rock) (heart)

p.s. EVERY BODY knows i have no concept of time….i work on an order continuum….the order is NOW COMPLETE…CO-OPERATION OF CO-ORDINATED ETERNAL VALUE SYSTEM….ETERNAL ESSENCE FACTUALIZED IN BODY

p.p.s…..chris, julien, michael, peter and andrew….beautiful job boys :*(heart)

p.p.p.s….to the squad, within eternal essence’s universe: I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! GO, GO, GO, GO…DO, DO, DO, DO, DO!!!!!!!! PEACE. NOW!!!!!


  1. AWESOME!!!! Thanks for the update Brian. Give Heather & D our love. We are ready to rock on!


    This has made the wait worth it.

    Thanks for the update Brian. Please extend my love and appreciation to Heather, D and everyone on the team.

    IT's PARTY TIME!!! Let's Party and Celebrate!!!

  3. I would love to share something if I may..

    When I first heard heather on a radio show, I listened, rewind, listened rewind, I was so familiar with her voice. I was so convinced I knew who she was..after listening further I came to the conclusion that I didn't know her but continued to listen

    At times I love heather and other times I would love to hang her by her toes on the ceiling fan, rotating, until she spits out all her info into language that I can understand! I'm sure their are others that can relate. And if anyone can't tell, that is a joke! :)

    Moving on...when I read Elohim referring that logic was no longer needed I was ready to hold the contrast. I love using logic and thought what would it be like to not utilize our logic?

    Then I remembered something that heather challenged us with along time ago. Well.. she may not have challenged us, it may have been encouraged us, but I took it as a challenge and I applied it in my life.

    She asked us to PUSH LOVE from us and see the results.

    In December, a job was given to m
    e working with children. I was not looking, wanting or needing a job but figured god was wanting me to go in that direction so I accepted.

    They put me in a position where I was working with children that were unique. Tantrums, specific health needs, and children that had no way of comunicating with anyone. First thoughts was this is not for me.

    I listened to heather and the next day I went to work and PUSHED LOVE from me. And without any words spoken, children would become calm just by me walking by their rooms, pushing love and chanting (in my head) eternal essence without limits. I started working with children with no way to communicate, only eye movements, we notice that they would focus only on me and seemed to understand (by eye movements)what I was asking them to do.

    I became aware of the term "without limits" and what that means. I means everything is absolutely possible

    Without limits defies all logic. But what does logic have to do with anything anyways :)

    So although I enjoy logic, I am aware and remember that if I am to love the way god intended me to, I have to remove logic and love without limits

    Thanks for helping me remember! And Heather if your reading this.. keep your shoes on!! (Heart)





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