Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Message from Kiri Campbell

A Message from Kiri Campbell
August 8, 2013

Glad to hear Kiri is back with her family and doing well. The message below is just another testament to her strength, courage and determination. Kiri is a patriot and I supper her and her mission 100% ~BK

Hi Everyone, so good to be at home after my week long experience. I appreciate everyone's support from across the entire globe. Especially those who have kindly donated to my family to assist with caring for them in my absence. Help of that sort is foreign to I am overwhelmed with the generosity of people across the world - from the bottom of my heart I thank you ALL and know that you are noted on my people to remember list. I just want to point out a couple of things. 1). I have a method to my actions that is spiritually slotting into it's natural place - I appreciate everyone's efforts to come up with solutions or ways around - but to find a way around is not the path I intended for myself - (I want to go straight through the storm not dodge it or run away from it). 2). For those who think I have made the situation WORSE please think before you speak I mean think without thinking and clouding your judgments of what you have been taught or what you know - our world is changing beyond a doubt and the old information is slowly leaving us while new information and beliefs are being formed. If you don't understand may I simply ask then that you just be an observer and observe the information and the DATA that is available rather than add more confusion to the pile of confusion. 3). Make sure you have your tickets to the show...what I have prepared is not a solution it is a stepping stone the real fun hasn't even begun yet - we are just getting warmed up. If you choose not to be apart of it...that too is OK. Those who have ears will hear and those who have eyes will see.


  1. You go girl!!
    Be the Strength, Value, Wisdom & Love.

  2. Wow! Feel the raw POWER emanating from this courageous young Lightwarrior who knows who she IS! Kiri is without doubt a true Master, at least of herself (and of SELF). Heed her profound and insightful words, as The Greatest Show On Earth is indeed just beginning to get warmed up! And those of us who have the courage of Kiri shall soon be leading our families and friends -- and maybe even 'enemies' -- to final emancipation. Go Kiri!!!

  3. I am with you Kiri.
    Love & strength from Bavaria

  4. OK.... A little observation maybe unwanted or unpleasant but the bottom line can be just that. Read back over Kiri's update and ask "What is she really saying"?
    1. Thank you for the donations and words of encouragement.
    2. I have a plan and intend to continue with it.
    3. Unsolicited advice isn't welcome nor is it helpful.
    4. Judgements both positive & negative aren't coming from a place of knowing. ( If your not HERE how can you know enough and for absolute certainty to give an opinion)?
    5. Sit back, be quiet, and lets all see how this plays out.

    So....Raw power? profound? insightful? master? Do you think Kiri wants to be put on a pedestal ?

    1. 1. Kiri is expressing gratitude and appreciation. Plain and simple.
      2. Kiri has a purpose and determination. (That's why we are here now !We each have a purpose, she is inspired to serve hers with courage)
      3. Kiri knows she needs no one's permission or consent to stand in her own power.( seeking consent or approval to be free leaves one enslaved, doesn't it ? )
      4. Kiri asks that we do not allow preconceived judgments and expectations limit us from seeing clearly. (good counsel for any matter in consideration.)
      5. Kiri reminds us to BE that which we truly are. CONCIOUS AWARENESS. ( Our be'ing and do'ing is not limited by her be'ing and do'ing. )

      So, knowing that everything serves as a mirror so we can see ourselves more clearly, what is it that YOU see ? No judgment here...Our past experiences and the current world situation may have caused us to react in cautiousness or to be suspicious- but NOW is the time for cultivating discernment. It is all good.

  5. No Pedestal. She knows who she is and it does not matter what anyone else thinks. She did not ask for help. Other people asked for her. So, IMHO, she does not need any advice and is not asking for it.

    She is standing in her truth and I, for one, applaud her.

    'nough said!

    1. You are correct! Kiri Campbell has made it clear that she can do it alone

      All the data is becoming transparent :)

  6. Feel the energy Kiri and bless you!

  7. Behind You 100% Kiri Bless you for all you BE and DO

  8. Far out, thought I be next arrested. The polices and two bailiffs was at my place. I'd file a chattel paper against an agent for HNZC. They try scared tactics game, but it didn't work. I had the instrument.
    In the end, I was order to leave the property.

    Way to go kiri....


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