Friday, August 2, 2013

The One People of Planet Earth -- New Blog Site

The One People of Planet Earth -- New Blog Site
August 2, 2013

This is the group of awesome BEings who hosted Lisa Harrison at a meetup recently in Brisbane, Australia. Lisa was so moved by the whole experience she had a difficult time even talking about it days later. I'm told the love and sense of connectedness of all who gathered there was simply off the charts. I only wish I could have been there in density to experience it myself. It just goes to show how powerful of a vortex we have all created over the last seven months of coming together. Our family is bigger than any of us could possibly comprehend. Let this love be a virus that spreads into every corner of our existence, infecting all who come in its path with a sense of peace, unity and purpose, dissolving all illusions of fear and limitation. The stage is set. The time is NOW. Love will ALWAYS guide the way. ~BK

This website is full of useful information and tools to study up on. Also a great place to point people who are looking for more information. Below are a few images and flowcharts from the site. Excellent job to all those who assisted in fostering such a beautiful creation :)

History of Foreclosures:
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Explaining Our Value:

Accessing Your Value:


  1. Thank you for posting our very new website, Brian, and feel free to share 'The One People of Planet Earth' logo designed by 'our own' Rudi ! :)

  2. The key issue here is just "who" the "someone" is with whom one is dealing, with whom one agrees to "contract" - and what "consideration", what actual tangible asset, what real value is being exchange or borrowed.

    If I borrow someone's tools and give them a round of cheese in exchange, those are both real tangible assets.

    If I borrow a hundred "dollars" from a friend - while those dollars still have meaning on an everyday basis - that friend will not have 'created' those dollars. S/he will have done something to earn them; provided some service, handed over some actual asset, some thing of value.

    And in that case it's "only right" to return those "dollars" - while they still have meaning - and/or provide some equivalent (of 'equal value') good or service in return.

    However, as Brian correctly points out, in the Old System the Powers that Be - which are now the Powers that Were, PTW - the 'financial institutions' that operate like 'banks' actually DID NOT AND DO NOT HAVE ANY ACTUAL ASSET, any real tangible 'good', anything 'banked' with them, anything of genuine value to begin with, which they LENT YOU, which you BORROWED, from them.

    That is the crucial fundamental basic KEY here: those financial institutions just created 'money' out of thin air, based on the SIGNATURE which you gave them. That is what's called 'monetising' the personal human 'wet ink' signature that is written on the contractual document which is put before you.

    The bank 'created money', it simply MADE UP the funds which it then gives you as a "LOAN" to be "REPAID" - with 'interest' ! A magical hat trick which we the people have taken as something real !

    Or, more to the point, a conartist trick by which the vast majority of the people of the world have been taken in !!!

    And it's been going on for so long, and so far and wide, that almost all of us 'little' people just believe and think that it's correct, true, actual and factual. WELL, IT ISN'T !!

    Counter-intuitive ?? Well, you could think of it like the evident FACT that the sun goes around the earth. Just look at it - it's obvious !! Well it doesn't and it isn't. When Copernicus and Galileo used the telescope to 'see' and 'prove' that counter-intuitive 'fact' - they were threatened with being tortured and burned to DEATH ! Why ?? Because the then dominant system - the HOLY ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH - was hugely humongously threatened by it. Why ?? Because it knew it would lose its monopolistic POWER AND CONTROL OVER EVERYBODY AND EVERY THING which it had had up to that point in History.


    So --- just who is it whose power and control over everything and everybody is hugely humongously threatened by the 'notion', the 'idea', the crazy 'theory' that getting money from a SUPER-DUPER GENUINE BANK bank as a LOAN is NOT ACTUALLY a REAL "FACT" ??

    The SUPER-DUPER GENUINE BANK - like the HOLY ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH before it, and now in cahoots with it - is a con, a trick, a fake !! A Master slave driver and slave owner. And the slaves are us. We the People.

    Think about it. Think deeply about it. Check out the Galileos and the Copernicuses of the present time, the present day. Now.

    Cheers from down under !

    Anoka Shiva on my birthDay


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