Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Dark VS Light Con

The Dark VS Light Con
August 28, 2013

I share this article as a follow up to the "Why I Am No Longer A Light Worker" posts, which can be read here and here. There is some very important data in this piece and a great illustration of the kind of channeled messages I no longer resonate with. I forgot to mention in my last post, I absolutely LOVE Bashar, Abraham Hicks, Kryon and a few other channels, whose messages represent wisdom that ring straight through to my core. I'm so grateful for the growth their many messages have allowed me to experience over the years. 

I think Krishnamurti hits the nail right on the hand with his infamous quote, "Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect." I used to wait with great impatience and eagerness every Tuesday to hear what The Ascended Masters had to say through Sheldan Nidle. Take a look at his update from this week and go within to determine whether this feels like Truth, or a great contrast to what is actually transpiring energetically throughout the cosmos. To all the Sheldan Nidle fans out there, please don't take this personally, in the past I have been a huge fan of his work. His book, You Are Becoming A Galactic Human, was a fascinating read. The point I'm trying to make is that when I read his updates NOW, I feel more separation than unity, more judgment than acceptance. As I expressed in my previous post, our inner tools of resonance and ability to discern information has always been and will continue to be two of our greatest assets. I expect in the days and weeks to come we will assuredly be guided to rely on these tools MUCH more frequently. My strategy has been and will continue to be surrendering to the perfect flow of the Universe...why fight it? It's much more fun when we throw our hands up and enjoy the ride! ~BK

Yesterday morning, I came across an entry about another supposed Illuminati escapee, John Todd. John, like the other escapees I've heard of (Svali, Carolyn Hamlett, etc.), offered some interesting insights into "the Order" and its operations. But also like the others, he did something that gave me pause: he fled the Family and "ran to Jesus." In effect, he jumped from the dark polarity of Luciferianism/Satanism straight into the false-light polarity of Yahwehism/Jehova-ism. If I were to imagine an agenda behind the Order sending out such members to speak publicly, it would be to establish this message of "you can escape the dark only by fleeing to the (false) light."

And as I alluded to in my last entry, even if you flee the dark side to cross into the (false) light side of the containment pyramid... are still imprisoned in the spiritual paradigm of the god of duality. Since I do not enjoy this demigod's dramas any longer, I prefer to leave the pyramid entirely. And I suspect the door is right in the middle, at the balance point between dark and light.

Pondering this also reminds me of a passage in the most recent Montague Keen channeling...

"Each one of you has a choice to make at this time. Do you go with the DARK or do you choose the LIGHT? There can be no standing in the wings. It is a big decision. The dark or the light, this is the biggest decision you will ever be asked to make, so it is important to get it right."

So here we have another channeled trickster insisting that we have only the two structured choices that he and his ilk offer us: Will it be Dark or Light? Will you choose from Column A or Column B? What he conveniently fails to mention is that there is also a Column C: balance, unity and true freedom from the prison of duality.

Hearing "Montague Keen's" exhortations to run to the (false) light is very reminiscent of the exhortations of the Christian preachers I encountered in my youth. They would spend a whole sermon speaking about the devil and damnation to build up a vibration of fear, foreboding and urgency, and once they'd established that emotional reaction in the congregation, they'd offer the solution: "come to Jesus." In taking note of this, one sees the truth of the whole con game: Satan is the bogeyman established to scare sheep to the false shepherd, Jesus.

In reality, Satanism and Christianity (and many other religions) are run by the same demigod. They are different brands run by the same company in order to appeal to different demographics. Just like GM offers Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, and GMC to appeal to different sorts of car buyers, this ET/ED demigod offer Christianity, Judaism, New Ageism, and Satanism to appeal to different sorts of spirit seekers. After all, people who are good-natured would never be attracted to Satanism, and people who are ornery could never stomach Christianity. To catch all sorts of people, you need all sorts of brands.

It is really no different than the political brands that are offered here in the US. You have the Republican brand and the Democrat brand, but behind the scenes, they both work for the same Establishment. And just like car brands, each brand offers different design features...

The Republican brand offers the pro-life feature; the Democrats offer the pro-choice feature.

The Republicans offer pro-Second Amendment; the Democrats offer pro-gun control.

Republicans offer pro-austerity; Democrats offer pro-handout.

Of course, if an upstart brand such as anti-corporatism (Naderism) pops up, they attempt to fold it into the Democrat brand; if anti-taxism (TEA Party) arises, they try to fold it into the Republicans. In this manner, they funnel people into the brands they control, and they set people in opposition to each other on these divisive issues.

If you were to follow where the Democratic and Republican leaders go when their partisan combat has ended for the day, you'd find them hanging out and scheming with each other at the Masonic Hall. The same applies when it comes to Christian and Satanic leaders. So at the higher levels, the brand executives know they're on the same team, but people at the lower levels take the branding seriously and really think they're fighting "the other team."

So if you are a Satanist and are taught to hate "the Nazarene," and you're told you will soon have the joy of bathing in Christian blood, guess what... you are being played. And if you are a Christian and are taught to resist "the Devil," and you're told that you will soon have the joy of watching the angels round up the evildoers, guess what... you too are being played. While you sit across from each other on the Masonic chessboard, what you don't realize is that the same demigod has his hands up your backsides working you like puppets. Do you really want to be an ass puppet?

As each of you looks across to "your enemy," please realize...

> That you have been set up to face each other in conflict, so you have been separated.

> That you have been locked into emotions of hostility, hatred, judgment, vengeance, distrust, etc.

> And that your point of attention has been hijacked, and you are being distracted from realizing the truth they're hiding from you.

What is that truth, you ask?

> That God is not outside of you. You are a part of God, and so is your "enemy."

> That your mind has been set in conflict with itself, just as God's mind (expressed in you and your enemy) has been set in conflict with itself.

> That you must forgive your enemies, see yourself in them, and love them so you can resolve the conflict and rejoin each other in unity.

> And that by seeing the manipulations that separate you, you can move beyond them and thus move beyond this reality of conflict.

In closing, I'll share with you a story I wrote in my old blog. I was inspired to write it after reading a false-light "bedtime story" offered by the Urantia book followers: PDF, New Window. And although it's fiction, my story is loosely based on a true story. I hope you enjoy it....

A Demigod's Story:

Once upon a time, there was a being who had reached a high level of consciousness in the Universe. Like all beings of advanced consciousness, he faced a choice: "Shall I use my consciousness advantage over other developing beings to deceive and exploit them, or shall I use it to guide and help them?" Deciding that it would be fun to play god for a while, he decided to do the former. So he went about to all the beings he could find who gave off the vibration of confusion, and he presented himself as "the one true god" who had all the answers.

Over time, this new demigod built up quite a following, and he recruited his brightest followers to become his helpers. At one point, he pulled aside one of his most brilliant (and unprincipled) helpers and made him a proposition: "You know, not everyone we encounter wants to follow my 'rules of righteousness.' Some beings are just plain ornery, and I just can't rope them into my kingdom. So why don't you stage an insurrection and pose as an ornery demigod -- a rebel -- then we can suck them all in? I'll make you the lord of all the ornery ones, and I'll be the god of all the nice ones. And once we've pulled them in, if someone wants to rebel against me, they'll come running to you, and if someone wants to escape from you, they'll come running to me. We'll catch them coming and going!" His helper agreed, and afterward staged a very public rebellion, becoming the "lord of darkness" within the kingdom of false light.

As the kingdom grew larger and larger, the demigod faced a problem. Since he wasn't a real god and couldn't command his vast kingdom by the mere power of his intention, he needed to set up a system of control. So he decided to recruit the spacefaring races within his kingdom to join a fleet to "do his will throughout physicality." This fleet would tend to the day-to-day needs of the kingdom while he sought out new planets to assimilate. The fleet was soon dubbed "The Eclectic Aggregation of Blight," and they gleefully donned their pastel rainbow jumpsuits and went swishing about the Universe.

Then, one day, the demigod encountered a beautiful little planet named "Earth." The race upon the planet was still in an impressionable phase of their development, so he decided that they would be assimilated. His "special assimilation forces" were dispatched and the long process of weeding out native beliefs and substituting kingdom beliefs began. This particular race proved difficult to assimilate, however, because they had a habit of zigging when the demigod wanted them to zag. And over time, it became apparent that a new approach would be needed.

After pondering "the Earth Problem" for a while, the demigod decided to pull aside his lord of darkness and tell him, "I'm putting you in charge of this planet. I want you to go down there and recruit all the ornery folk you can find. Get them organized and maneuver them into positions of power. Once they have enough influence, have them drive the population to the point of utter exhaustion and despair. Grind them into the dirt! And at that point, I'll send in my Eclectic Aggregation to save the day. The people will be so relieved and grateful that they'll embrace the kingdom with zeal!" The dark lord agreed, and it was so.

Following thousands of years of maneuvering, the dark lord's minions drove the little planet to the precipice of utter destruction. Sensing that it was time to offer the solution to the problem his dark lord had created, the demigod gathered the leaders of his spacefleet and told them, "The unconscionable rebel has vexed this poor little planet long enough! I'm dispatching you, my warriors of light, on a divine mission to free these people from his control." Since most were unaware of the duplicity and falsity of the god they served, the Eclectic Aggregation of Blight went forth and faithfully did as they were told.

The whole situation culminated during a long-prophesied time in Earth's history. As the Eclectic Aggregation's ships ringed the planet, they and the Earth allies they'd been able to recruit battled it out with the dark lord's minions. The conflict seemed to drag on and on, and the whole world held its breath in anticipation of how it would all work out.

The actual outcome proved to be quite unexpected and amazing, as the....

...To be continued...

Of course, everything I've written in this entry is predicated on there being an outside force (from outside of the human collective consciousness) interfering in our reality. Are there really ET/ED beings impacting us, or are they just a wetiko wet dream (self-hypnotic projections of our own collective darkness)? Since my second awakening, I have accepted the former, but I'm considering the latter as part of my current rethink of all I believe. Let's see what happens during the rest of this year.

Till later, much love....


  1. Why are the people are soooo confused?

    All this talk about "I'm not a light worker" and all that yada yada bullshit, but the kicker is this quote from an article recently reblogged:

    "And as I alluded to in my last entry, even if you flee the dark side to cross into the (false) light side of the containment pyramid... ( ) ... you are still imprisoned in the spiritual paradigm of the god of duality. "


    Clearly the people have gotten themselves confused over what "duality" and "polarity" and "unity" actually is.

    Before spewing this crap (and before falling prey to it) maybe one should go "back to the drawing board" and try re-learning the difference first. [[ links below ]] Hint: Just because duality is CHARACTERISED BY opposites, it is NOT DEFINED BY opposites. (What that pic actually illustrates in NOT duality, but POLARITY.)

    If you choose to feel "imprisoned" by "the god of duality" ... well hey, that's your choice and good luck to you, but do you really think it is helpful to reblog this crap? ... or even to believe it?

    Imagine "without limits" ... now apply it: does duality or polarity limit? or does it liberate? Neither does either ... you the decider does both: you limit and liberate by the choices you make.

    Those aware of the ArchAngel Michael updates might be aware that we are "anchored in the 4th" ... which means we have left the 3rd ... which means ... (and I am pausing for the penny to drop before I have to state it) ... which means, right now, at this current moment, everything being "offered" on "their billboard" (as Adamu explains) has to do with POLARITY.

    But we are still running around pretending we're still in the 3rd and talking about everything as if we are still in the 3rd and calling everything by 3rd terms and doing the stuff of 3rd, yet what we are actually engaged in is the 4th.

    So, the people are confusing themselves by dealing with the 4th as if it is the 3rd.


    Please, please, please stop all this crap about "not a lightworker" and "dark vs light con" ... (oh, and it is not a CON unless you choose it to be, aka: it is only a con if you create it as such.)

    the two most awesome resources for this is IMHO:
    The Law of One Study Guide (from the Ra material)
    Adamu of "the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian Civilisation"

  2. <3 :-)...Thank you for sharing Brian!

  3. The ages old spiritual philosophy of Advaita, or non-dualism, expounds this very point of the origin of our "illusion". A present day exponent, coming from a background of Zen, is Adyashanti from California. His writings and talks are most helpful in being able to disengage from the "light versus dark" scenario.

  4. Glad ken made it here! He presents so many provocative conversation pieces. Enerchi has been dilligent in providing an audience for Ken outside of his blog but the dialogue is heading south there...


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