Monday, August 26, 2013

Northwest US TOP Labor Day Camping Meet-up in Montana Sept 6-10

Northwest US TOP Labor Day Camping Meet-up in Montana
August 26, 2013

Friday September 6th to Tuesday the 10th in Hot Springs, MT

Hello TOP Family! We are excited to invite you to camp with us over the Labor Day weekend in Hot Springs MT! Come join us for juicy conversations! The agenda is fluid and we welcome your ideas on group activities from meditations to float trips to co-create a fantastic time together. Whatever we intend "to do" the most important things is to BE together and co-create our reality and this hot springs is a powerful energy vortex with wonderful healing waters.

Theme of the event is "Love is the Catalyst" - bring your passion and exuberance, musical instruments, crystals, drums etc for singing around the fire under a star filled sky (Whitney will be setting up Karaoke ohhh no) and massage tables for healing work. Children are absolutely welcome with the knowing that there will be adult activities going on.

Hats off to the property owner for making the meet-up easy on us to put together. She normally charges $12 a night for full RV hook up and $10 for tent camping however for us she is making it donation based so that money would not be a deterrent for those of us on a shoe string. There are 10 RV spots, tons of area for tent camping, one hotel with a queen size bed and a 5th wheel people can stay in as well.

The idea is for us to bring our own food and beverages, however the meals might turn "pot luck" style. Another cool thing is that the bathhouse has 6 plunge rooms for total privacy so you will be able to soak and meditate alone or together at any hour It is also located out of town, so we can have our privacy.

If you would like to come or would like more information, please email Katie at with your phone number and we will call you with location and details! Canada is very close as well!

We can't wait to meet you! Love,

Whitney, Katie and Patrick

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  1. A bit confused about the dates. Labor Day weekend is this coming weekend (ie Sat Aug 31st through Monday, Sept 2nd), but they are saying Sept 6th through 10th. Which one is correct??? Thanks!! (I can't go myself, but asking for anyone else that may want to go :-)


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