Tuesday, August 27, 2013

American Kabuki: The Real False Flag

This needs to be shared ahead of time just in case they try to pull this ridiculous stunt off. ~BK

Got call from a contact with a past in the military.  He was quite upset about the situation in Syria. I have never heard him so upset before. He said "the false flag isn't the poison gas attacks, its the 4 unescorted Navy destroyers sitting offshore that are easy pickings for Syria's Russian-built anti-ship missiles that fly at mach 7 for which we have no defense...".  There are no US Navy Carrier groups in the mediterranean right now.

He also said "the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has offered Putin a sweet oil deal in OPEC if they don't come to Syria's aid".  This also cuts the USA out of its current role in the middle east with OPEC.

Its not a well kept secret that KSA and Qatar have been financing the rebels in Syria, both countries want to build a natural gas pipeline through Syria to Turkey so that they can ship natural gas via pipeline to Europe.  Some reports have said Putin has sided with Syria in the past because he didn't want Russia's lucrative near monopoly status on natural gas exports to Europe to end.

The contact is not a believer that Galactics will intervene in the case of any missile firing.  Let's hope he's wrong on that if this scenario plays out.

Personally I think the energetics of Earth no longer favor these kind of moves and will backfire badly if carried out to their conclusion.  Perhaps this is one of those watershed moments that exposes the banker financed wars for what they are, schemes to stay in control.

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