Sunday, August 4, 2013

The ZAP Report 8-3-2013

The ZAP Report 8-3-2013

August 4, 2013

Oooh things get fun now!  And before September 1 too! We told you HSBC was the Dragons bank!  The contrast begins.  As Heather says "I love the Absolute Plan"!   All gets revealed... -AK

Greetings and Salutations,

Many important dates are included in today's update from ZAP. He was even kind enough to include some very important historical dates and information to help us better understand how we arrived at this point in history and where we are going from here.

From ZAP..........Hi All

Tomorrow, the global reset will begin. There is to be a series of announcements, amongst which is the RV of the dinar.

This ties in with the intense preparations that have been underway for most of the last months.

For those of you that understand numbers and the vibrations of those numbers, and the interrelationships between numbers, would probably understand when I say that the elders have always been mindful of numbers in their lives in respect of specific dates on which business may be considered being done according to lunar cycles, Feng Shui, or other systems that define their ways and paths.

For example, the number 8 is predominant as the symbol of prosperity/money/fortune. The number 9 is important as a number of finality and other profound meanings. For example, their master heritage accounts end with an “xxxxxx-888” suffix in HSBC. They do business preferably on the 1st of the 1st month, the 2nd of the 2nd month, the 3rd of the 3rd month, and so on.

They have lucky numbers, divine numbers, numbers that apparently mean nothing until you apply a key code to them, and all sorts of other number manipulations.

Well, the announcements are scheduled for August 4. Sorta an arbitrary number with no meaning, Right?

You may note that on august 4, 1790, was when the French revolution abolished the privileges of the nobles.

Any questions?

Moving on, the official redemption of the heritage assets has started, with preliminary contracts in the process of being issued for the redemptions. This will start putting a considerable amount of newly freed up cash on the streets. the first of many multi-millionaires shall be created.


Is this the time line?.... RV now, then Global Reset which brings in Basel III now, followed by F&P paid out in the old system starting in August, then work the bugs out in August - September and finally convert over entirely to the new system October 1, now fully integrate the system in October, then PP paid out in November and early December?

Close. redemption of heritage asset starts, global gold settlements are effected, RV announced, basel III installed (as previously said). This begins the global reset. The rest of your timeline is still speculation at this point, but that is more or less what is planned. good think through…it is after all common sense if all goes smoothly.

It seems we are riding a roller coaster expecting certain events to occur and then for some reason they don't and we start rolling down hill again waiting for some reason to go back up again. Case in point the RV and Basel III should have already occurred. From the information you're privy to can you provide some insight on when the RV and Basel III will occur?

Tomorrow (today being the 3rd august).

We are hearing rumors that the "Global Reset" was to occur last week.

Yes, But the numbers were wrong, so this week.

When the RV is announced will the reset then occur immediately and kick in Basel III at the same time?

Prett well.

What exactly does the reset mean to us?

You will begin to breathe as the wealth of the ages is bestowed on you after so many centuries of subjugation, rape, and theft. You will experience peace and relief like in no other time. You will be entering into the proverbial 1000 years of peace and prosperity. Alternatively put in a metaphor, you get to have a shit, shower and shave and new clothes. There will be debt forgiveness, prosperity for all, end of poverty, the emergence of suppressed technologies, the reclamation of our planet and all the other good things prophesied in the 1000 year time. and more purple pigs will fly.

Are we still looking at a possible 60 days or less delay?

Why? It's over.

Will the Dinar be paid out in the old system or in the new system?

Good question. Do not know. Will ask.

Do we need Dinar and/or F&P to be paid out to kick in the new system or is that a myth?

Half and half, but really the question is a bit off. The answer is that the Dinar and F&P thing are just part and parcel of what needs to happen to enable the proper rollout of the new system..

Other events as reported by others include:

All the following key factors have been executed: (where it says confirmed, I confirmed it at whatever level it had to be confirmed on)

July 29, 2013 at 10:49pm

1. Tax treaty is signed (**confirmed**)

2. Paris club issues have been resolved & negotiated

3. There are zero glitches in banking computer systems (**confirmed**)

4. All systems are now 100% integrated globally (**confirmed**)

5. The basket is set for release

6. Bank of international settlements role completed (ongoing really)

7. The UNSC Iraq compensation staff has started global payouts to countries from the funds

8. Global reset is in motion (**confirmed**)

9. Timeline has not changed from this morning (any minute-August 1) (this was last week and yes we were delayed)

10. UN operational rates of exchange will be updating (**confirmed**)

11. IMF role is completed (ongoing really)

12. Iraq has met all requirements to revalue currency & become internationally trade-able (**confirmed**)

13. The 48 hour deadline goals were met with paris club

14. The tariffs are live

15. UST role is completed (ongoing really)

16. All participating banks & institutions are on highest alert ever (**confirmed**)

17. Intra bank memos went out to banks again today

18. There will be many smaller banks involved in the exchange under the umbrella (**confirmed** but mainly wells fargo)

19. The rates have been set & are transitioning from placeholder rates to live rates now (**confirmed**)

20. Forex & NASDAQ is now fully integrated (100%) (**confirmed**)

21. Bloomberg data feeds are now integrated (100%) (**confirmed**)

22. The smart cards are ready for global release (**confirmed**)

The US Treasury notes that are ready for the exchange when the Republic of the United States is announced, has an interesting history behind all the machinations over the decades, but it is important to note the why and when of this history.

The Chinese Royal family has a great deal to do with the events here and now as we all know, but who really knows the real history of the milestone events for the USA and the role the Chinese government/family has played….here is your first real glimpse into that secret world – I took out certain codes which I do not have permission to reveal:

The Origin of U.S. Currencies and Bonds and Brief History

1. 1776:

Independency Day of United States of America (U.S.A.)


(Case No: xx3)

Ching Dynasty made a loan to USA as the capital of "Country Development Foundation" (or Chien Kuo Foundation). The following organizations were founded for this provision:

Dragon and Phoenix




The contract was signed in 1907 (Kuang-Hsu Year 33, Ching Dynasty) in Shanghai and contract exchanged in Beijing. The face amount of the above collateral provided to the organizations is in total about 50 trillion USD divided equally between each organization with guaranteed values for 300 years.

3. 1911:

Year of the Republic of China (ROC) (founding thereof).

1913: Jekyll Island happens, and the accounts were audited, and a conclusion was drawn to issue new US currencies (Gold and Silver Bonds) with big face amounts as governmental debt (issued by 12 Federal Reserve Banks and the Bank of Washington, a bank directly under the US Treasury). The printing was terminated in 1945.

4. 1929

(Case No. xxxx9)

Recession in US, and the Bank of Washington went to bankruptcy. The ROC provided a loan to the USA of about 200,000 ounces of gold as collateral to issue USD 2 Billion currency to pay for the interest.

5. 1933

(Case No: xxxx3)

All the currencies were placed to dormant accounts (under x3, x6 and x9) after the so called "xx8 Accident” (September 18, 1931).

6. 1937

After the war broke up at Lu-Kou-Bridge (7/7/1937), all the values were moved to Southern part of China. A resolution from the meetings between US and ROC decided to distribute / keep the gold and silver to 537 generals with official documents. This was to prevent / minimize the chance of losing the wealth belonging to the Chinese people.

7. 1948 Autumn

(Article x7)

ROC retreated to Taiwan. The ROC 38th Division gave their lives keeping back the forces of the PRC back for a sufficient period of time for the 37th Division to take the wealth of China from the 42 trucks that were about 7 hours away from the coast, and hide it all in secret locations throughout China in the mountains. At least 1 case was damaged with US currencies printed prior to 1934.

8. The aforementioned wealth is mostly well-kept by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with documents and origin “keys”.

This glimpse into the real history is a secret thing, but now with the reset around the corner, it matters not, and serves only to educate about a very sensitive part of the us history. this education will not harm.

Another item of note is the solar storm warnings. The governments have been downplaying this for a while now, but it is important to know. The really bad [cook the earth] stuff is a decade or so away as we go through the rift, but the immediate stuff that is filtering through is still causing electronic headaches everywhere. Notice them? Internet etc?

Good link for info:

Hope this helps with a bit more clarity. more next week as required.

Oh yes, almost forgot, there was one who asked about omega. Yes, all the programs are still continuing, and when the time comes, they will spit out what they are meant to provide, even if we do not hear much on those programs.

God bless.

In love and light in our service


“God is; I am; We are”

“Be good, be legal, tell truth”

POOF Says..... “Ok, no more happy talk, I got 20 years of listening and frankly I'm bored to tears. A guarantee is no good unless unless Sears backs it...lolol. Just 'do it' and be done with it, things will never be perfect on an imperfect planet. Whiners will whine until they realize no one is listening to them. I've recently taken on a Missouri mindset. 'Show me' I've been told, all is set, ok...great make it so, Number 1.”

Consultations upon request until the doorbell rings.

Love and Kisses,

Susan & Staff

Office of Poofness


  1. My Fully Automated B.S. Detector (i.e. My Eternal Heart or Intuition) is firing off like gang busters. Does this feel this is even remotely legitimate to anyone? Something strange is going here. Just saying.


  2. Well, it didn't happen August 4, so I think your B.S. Detector is working well.




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